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Solar Electric Supply provides LG XTM Mono X solar panels with NeoN cell technology at a discount price.
Commercial, government, educational and contractor discounts available.

LG Mono X solar modules are single crystalline solar panels with a very high efficiency rating.
Compare to Silevo solar panels.


· Monocrystalline cells are very efficient and have an attractive black color.
· The LG XTM Series has the world's most rigorous product assurance. Nominal power tolerance starts at +0%.
· Withstands a maximum load of 5400 Pa. Durable, yet light in weight.
· The unique frame design allows liquid to drain, even at low slopes and angles.
· LG has 25 years of thorough R&D. LG has developed a solar cell that is both cutting edge and reliable.

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  • LG LG275S1C-B3 Solar Panel

    LG LG275S1C-B3 Solar Panel

  • LG LG270S1C-G3 Solar Panel

    LG LG270S1C-A3 Solar Panel

  • LG LG290N1C Solar Panel

    LG LG290N1C-G3 Solar Panel

  • LG260S1C-G3 Solar Panel

    LG Solar LG260S1C-G3 Solar Panel

  • LG295N1C-G3 solar panel

    LG Solar Panels - LG295N1C-G3 Mono-X

  • LG LG300N1C-G3 Solar Panel

    LG LG300N1C-G3 Solar Panel

  • LG265S1C-G3 Solar Panels

    LG Solar LG265S1C-G3 Solar Panel

  • LG LG280N1C-G3 Solar Panel

    LG LG280N1C-G3 Solar Panels

  • LG LG255S1C Solar Module

    LG LG255S1C-G3 Solar Panels

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