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Deka Unigy II SpaceSaver 3AVR75-25 Battery Module

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Deka Unigy II Spacesaver™ 3AVR75-25 Battery Module

Unigy II Spacesaver Interlock System
Complete Unigy II Spacesaver™ Interlock™ Module Battery System (shown with 3-cell modules)

The Deka Unigy II Spacesaver 3AVR75-25 Module by East Penn Manufacturing features 3x AVR75 battery cells with 25 plates per cell. This module is designed for 6 volt systems and features a 1,250 AHr capacity @ 100 hour rate.

A complete module system utilizes one of two types of bases for easier transport and installation.

Spacesaver Options

The Unigy II Spacesavers are available in two models:

  • One-Piece Base Interlock - This module requires only front access bolts for mounting. This module option meets UBC 97 (Interlock™ only) Zone 4 top of building requirements. These Interlock Modules are certified to 8 modules high, top of building.
  • Three-Piece Base Non-Interlock- This module has front and rear access bolts for mounting. This Non-Interlock model meets UBC 97 Zone 2B top of building requirements – Zone 4. These Non-Interlock Modules are certified up to to 8 modules high on ground level.

Battery Termination

Front termination is standard.

  • Top termination will add 7.75" to the overall height.
  • Side termination will add 4.5" to each side for termination.

  • Unigy II Spacesaver 3AVR75-25 Dimensions

    The dimensions on the left are represented by the images below:
    module dimensions

    AVR75 Module Review

    Interlock™ vs. Non-Interlock Modules

    The patented design of the Interlock™ Module allows for front access bolting. Rear bolting is required for three-piece base non-interlock modules. The dimensions and weight of each are slightly different.

    Deka Unigy II SpaceSaver 3AVR75-25 Battery System Module

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    Unigy II Spacesaver
    Spacesaver Model Number 3AVR75-25
    Module Voltage 6 Volts
    Number of Cells 3
    Number of Plates per Cell 25
    Cell Voltage 1.75
    Capacity @ 25 Hr. Rate 1100 AHr
    Capacity @ 100 Hr. Rate 1250 AHr
    Interlock Module Length 30.90 in.
    Interlock Module Depth 25.25 in.
    Interlock Module Height 9.54 in.
    Interlock Module Weight 523 lbs.
    Non-Interlock Module Length 30.90 in.
    Non-Interlock Module Depth 24.5 in.
    Non-Interlock Module Height 9.48 in.
    Non-Interlock Module Weight 500 lbs.

    Manufacturer Specification Sheets

    View FileEast Penn Manufacturing Deka Unigy II Spacesaver Brochure    Size: (998.3 KB)
    View FileDeka Solar Unigy II Battery Module Models    Size: (343.86 KB)
    View FileDeka Unigy II Spacesaver System Module Dimensions    Size: (97.33 KB)
    View FileDeka Unigy II Spacesaver Installation Manual    Size: (1.33 MB)


    Deka Unigy II Spacesaver is the dependable choice for countless battery power applications.

    Spacesaver system

    Complete Spacesaver Systems

    With decades of experience, Solar Electric Supply has the friendly, knowledgeable staff for just about any large battery powered project. Contact us for wholesale pricing and expert system design.

    Deka Unigy II Spacesaver battery systems are constructed using the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and are known for their high reliability and superior performance. They are ideal for larger, battery-based solar systems that demand high performance and a long cycle life.

    commercial wireless battery system

    This battery module is ideal for powering telecommunications, industrial & commercial wireless, island power, remote airports, microgrid, remote wi-fi, repeaters, railroad signs/communication, remote residential, grid-tie battery backup, and uninterruptible power sources (UPS).

    EPM Unigy II products are designed to meet the requirements of
    IEC 60896-21/22, BS 6290 and SR-4228.

    Expected life of a properly maintained Unigy II system can be up to 20 years.

    Contact us for wholesale Deka Unigy II Spacesaver 3AVR75-25 battery module pricing and complete systems.