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Magnum MS4448PAE inverter charger specifications
Magnum MS4448PAE Inverter
Magnum Energy
Model Number
Inverter Continuous Power Ouput 4,400 Watts
Battery Charging Voltage 48 Volts (nominal)
Peak Inverter Efficiency 94%
Battery Charge Current 60 Amps
Inverter Output Voltage 120/240 VAC split phase
Weight (lbs) 55.0
Height (in) 13.75
Width (in) 12.65
Depth (in) 8.0

Magnum MS4448PAE Inverter / Charger

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Magnum MS4448PAE Inverter/Charger

Magnum PAE inverter system
Part of a complete battery based Magnum PAE inverter/charger solar power system.

Magnum Inverter Systems

Designed for the most demanding solar energy applications
(120/240V 60Hz Output, 48VDC Input)

The Magnum Energy MagnaSine MS4448PAE inverter/charger is the 48 volt battery version of the MS-PAE Series. This flexible inverter/charger is powerful, easy-to use, and best of all, cost effective.


  • Pure sine wave: Power your T.V.s, stereos, computers and other sensitive electronics without worry. The MS4448PAE pure sine wave inverter and power factor corrected charger provide clean, reliable inverter power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%
  • Versatile mounting: Mount the Magnum MS4448PAE inverter on a shelf or wall.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight aluminum base and cover also provides noise reduction and corrosion resistance.
  • Multiple ports: This MagnaSine inverter provides multiple ports, including an RS485 communication port for network expansion, and a port for the remote control unit (ME-RC or ME-ARC).
  • Accessible design: The extra large AC access cover with terminal screw block and 360° DC connection terminals with covers make this inverter more accessible when it needs to be.
  • Convenient switches: The MS4448PAE comes with an on/off inverter-mounted switch with an easy-to-read LED indicator.
  • Buy with peace of mind: All Magnum Energy MagnaSine MS-PAE Series inverters are backed by a three-year (36-month) limited warranty.
Magnum Inverter system review
Basic Battery-Based Magnum PAE Inverter Power System Diagram

Magnum Energy MagnaSine MS4448PAE Inverter/Charger Review

Remote off-grid power or residential utility grid-tie battery backup: Not only is the MS4448PAE famous for off-grid residential AC solar power needs, it is a robust and reliable backup for uninterrupted power for your on-grid home.

No series stacking for 240VAC required: The unique design of the MS-PAE Series can provide 120 and 240 volts output in one unit, eliminating the need to stack two units together to obtain 240 volt output.

Parallel stack MS4448PAE inverters for more power: You can parallel up to four inverter / chargers for up to 17.6kw of power at 120/240V. The MP panels and router are required for parallel stacking the MS-PAE Series. Contact us for details.

Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger: Magnum's PFC battery charger technology is built into the MS4448PAE inverter-charger. It uses less energy from a generator than a standard charger – using 25-30% less AC current than standard chargers.

The Magnum MS4448PAE is safe and reliable: ETL Listed to the stringent requirements of UL 1741, 1st edition, and CSA C22.2 #107.1-01 for renewable energy installations.

Contact us for low wholesale pricing, reviews or expert Magnum PAE inverter system design - Toll-Free: (877) 297-0014.

Magnum MS4448PAE Inverter Dimensions

Magnum MS4448PAE inverter review

Magnum MS-PAE Inverter System Accessories:

· Auto Generator Start - ME-AGS-N
· Battery Monitor Kit
· Conduit Box
· Fuse Blocks
· Remote - ME-ARC
· Remote - ME-RC
· Router - ME-RTR
· MP and MMP Panels

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