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SatCon PowerGate inverters offer market-leading reliability, efficiency and ease of use for large scale grid connected solar power systems. A single enclosure solution, the utility-grade PowerGate incorporates a high-efficiency transformer and both AC and DC switchgear the disconnect the inverter at night, minimizing tare losses. A highly efficient MPPT tracking algorithm and intelligent wake-up routine further maximize the net energy harvest of your system.

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  • SatCon PowerGate AE30 Inverter

    SatCon PowerGate AE30 Inverter Review

  • Satcon PowerGate Plus 30 inverter

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  • SatCon PowerGate AE50 Inverter

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  • 50 KW Commercial Inverter

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  • Satcon PowerGate AE75 Inverter

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  • SatCon PowerGate AE100 Inverter

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