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SatCon PowerGate PV View Information

Solar system monitoring via RS485 Modbus

Monitor your SatCon system locally or on the internet with "PV View"!

satcon reviewVisualizing and communicating the performance and environmental benefits of your PV system has never been easier than it is now with SatCon Power Systems’ PV View.

PV View is a web-enabled data monitoring system available as an integrated option with all SatCon PowerGate inverters. Connecting to the Internet via a local LAN or cellular modem, the system provides complete real-time performance data as well as long-term historical system data and graphs.

PV View also has a variety of optional environmental and weather station capabilities. This information is stored and processed on a remote web server and is available from anywhere on the web through the PV View web portal.

pv view monitoringSimple Internet Monitoring

Access your system information from anywhere. Package includes 5-year data processing and web hosting.

Easy Installation

Gateway and power supplies are pre-installed in Power Gate inverters. There is no software to install. PV View connects via LAN or optional cell phone modem.

Improved System Performance

Determine quickly if your system is down or underperforming. You have the ability to optimize net metering by monitoring your system's performance remotely.

Available Options:

PV Zone sub-array monitoring . Revenue grade production and demand metering. Solar radiation, module and ambient
temperature monitoring. Wind speed and direction monitoring

PV View parameters
Standard Parameters Monitored

DC voltage and current and AC voltage, current and kW are displayed as both instantaneous values and daily,
weekly or monthly graphs. Cumulative kWhrs generated is available as daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime totals.


PV Zone® monitors the current of each PV sub-array circuit allowing detailed array performance monitoring. Underperforming
array zones can be isolated to amp blocks, simplifying field troubleshooting and providing early detection of array performance problems. PV Zone® requires the purchase of the PV sub-array combiner option and PV View™ monitoring.

Other Options:

• Revenue grade production and building demand meters
• Meteorological monitoring
• Cell phone modems and other communication options

Part #      Description
CC00302 - PV View Direct – standard base monitoring package – includes inverter-integrated communications gateway, power supplies and 5 years monitoring and web hosting.
SF00030 - Additional Inverter Monitoring – adds 5 years of monitoring and web-hosting for a second PowerGate Inverter
PV ZoneInverter Specific - PV Zone Monitoring – adds sub-array current monitoring. PV Zone Monitoring requires purchase of inverter-integrated sub-array combiner and PV View Direct
CC00327 - Revenue Grade PV Production Monitoring, daisy-chained, (208V) - See Note 1
CC00307 - Revenue Grade PV Production Monitoring, daisy-chained, (480V) - See Note 1
CC00308 - Building Demand Monitoring - Standalone (208V)
- See Notes 1 & 2
CC00328 - Building Demand Monitoring - Standalone (480V)
- See Notes 1 & 2
CC00304 - PV Weather – includes ambient and module temp.and solar insolation transducers
CC00305 - Wind Speed and Direction - adds anemometer and wind direction transducers to CC00304
CC00334 - Cell Phone Modem – Service not included
CC00395 - External Antenna Option, Cell modem
CC00336 - Network Hub, 5 port

Note 1: Independent revenue grade meter in a separate weatherproof enclosure. Communicates to PV View Direct gateway via RS485 daisy-chain. Includes required external solid-core current transformers up to 300 Amps – split core or larger current transducers not included – consult SatCon for details. Does not include local display.
Note 2: Communicates via a separate communications gateway rather than RS 485. Requires a separate LAN connection and 120 volt power source.

SatCon PV View Specifications in PDF Format, click here

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