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Silevo manufactures the ‘tunneling junction’ solar cell for its solar modules.

This is a hybrid technology that couples the best attributes of 3 different materials (1) N-type crystalline substrate, 2) Thin Film Passivation, 3) Semiconductor oxide to optimize cell and solar panel performance while limiting costs. Silevo’s breakthrough cell innovation coupled with traditional crystalline silicon (c-Si) package techniques enable Silevo Triex PV modules to optimize all three performance indicators in order to deliver the industry’s best value in solar panels.

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  • Silevo Triex U290 Solar Panel

    Silevo Triex U290 Solar Panel

  • Silevo U295 Solar Panel

    Silevo Triex U295 Solar Panel

  • Silevo U300 Solar Panel

    Silevo Triex U300 Solar Panel

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