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sma inverter
SMA Model Number 4000TL-US 1-Ph
AC Nominal Power 4000 Watts
Peak Efficiency 96.8% - 97.2%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 96% - 96.5%
Weight 53 lbs.
Width 19.3 in.
Height 20.5 in.
Depth 7.3 in.

SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL-US Inverter


SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL-US Inverter Technology

  • High-efficiency transformerless design
  • Simplified DC wiring for easier installation
  • Maximum power production with OptiTrac™ Global Peak
  • Active temperature management by OptiCool™
  • Modern graphic display with a choice of interface:
    Webconnect, serial, USB, wireless Zigbee can be used for Sunny Portal
  • Secure Power Supply for grid outages

Sunny Boy 4000TL Review

Flexible Design and Simple Installation

  • Simplified DC wiring concept saves labor and materials
  • Two MPP trackers provide numerous design options for complex roofs and shaded areas
  • Transformerless topology results in lighter weight and higher efficiency

Leading Monitoring and Communications

  • Free Sunny Portal monitoring with global access
  • Large, informative graphic display for easy viewing
  • Available with plug-and-play Webconnect, eliminating the need for a WebBox or datalogger

Power Supply for Power Outages

The Secure Power Supply stores up to 1.5kW of energy allowing you to do things like charge a cell phone or laptop, run a small light and more during a grid power outage.

SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL-US Video

The Sunny Boy 4000TL-US sets the pace for UL certified inverters.

Its transformerless design means high efficiency and reduced weight. Maximum power production is derived from wide input voltage and operating temperature ranges. Multiple MPP trackers and OptiTrac™ Global Peak mitigate the effect of shade and allow for installation at challenging sites.

A unique Secure Power Supply feature provides daytime power even in the event of a grid outage. High performance, flexible design and an innovative feature set make the Sunny Boy TL-US series the first choice among professionals.

SMA TL-US displayMaximum Power Production

  • Shade management with OptiTrac™ Global Peak MPP tracking
  • Broad voltage range enables production under a variety of conditions
  • Extended operating temperature range allows for extended daily production

Groundbreaking New Features

  • Industry’s only Secure Power Supply provides daytime power in case of grid outage
  • Optional ZigBee® connectivity lays the groundwork for integration with future home energy management systems

Power Supply for Grid Power Outages

The Sunny Boy 4000TL-US has Secure Power Supply functionality included. This groundbreaking feature that addresses the needs of grid-tied system owners during power outages. Secure Power Supply makes it possible for the inverter to provide up to 1,500 Watts of daytime standby power in the event of a grid outage for charging laptops, cell phones and more, without the need of additional, costly batteries.

A Certified and Safe Solution

  • UL 1741 and 1699B compliant
  • Integrated AFCI meets the requirements of NEC 2011 690.11

Sunny Boy 4000TL-US Accessories

4000TL-US Accessories

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