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LG Chem ESS Energy Storage

Li-ion battery based energy storage systems

LG Chem ESS Energy Storage Battery System Review

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An optimized solution for energy saving and high-quality power, a modern LG Chem Energy Storage System (ESS) stores electric energy and utilizes it for later consumption. The purpose of an ESS is to improve energy efficiency by enhancing the quality of renewable energy. The high capacity and deep cycling of the ESS battery system results in stabilization of the utility grid power supply. LG Chem provides a robust energy storage solution with their state of-the-art ESS featuring a long lifespan and build quality you would expect from a world class manufacturer.

Purpose of ESS Energy Storage Battery Systems

Grid scale ESS

Grid-Scale ESS


Uninterruptible Power Supply

LG Chem RESU ESS for residential solar systems

Self-sufficient power generation/consumption for solar PV installed homes

  • Night time use of stored solar energy
  • Reducing electricity bill

Grid-scale utility power ancillary service

Power supply stabilization and peak management

  • Peak load Reduction
  • Power quality improvement for renewable energy intermittency
  • Frequency Regulation

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Power back-up for industrial and commercial applications

  • Internet data center
  • Telecommunication repeaters & base stations
  • Hospitals and public offices
LG Chem ESS Energy Storage Planet

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Applications of Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

ESS Concept

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) can be applied to utility grid, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), residential and commercial applications throughout the power supply system.

Utility Grid Application

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) helps to stabilize the power supply of traditional power plants and renewable energy generating facilities through frequency regulation and peak shifting by integrating batteries to them.

  1. Charge during off-peak times
  2. Discharge during peak times

Discharge During Peak Times

  1. Stabilization of intermittent renewable power through charging and discharging during periods of high production or high energy demand

Frequency Regulation

  1. Charge when grid frequency increases
  2. Discharge when grid frequency decreases

Configuration of an LG Chem ESS Battery System

Battery Cell

Lithium-ion battery cell
  1. Custom lithium-ion cells designed specifically for energy storage
  2. Custom lithium-ion cells designed specifically for energy storage
  3. The "Energy Cell" is for long duration energy storage
  4. The "Power Cell" is for high power output energy storage

Battery Pack

ESS battery module
  1. The ESS Battery Pack features sub-modules, BMS & BPU
  2. Parallel expansions or Main Pack independent operation

Battery Module

ESS battery module
  1. 9-inch standard module
  2. Composed of sub-modules and BMS

Battery Rack System

ESS battery rack
  1. The ESS Battery Rack is composed of BPU, BMS, and modules connected in series/parallel
  2. Features a flexible system design. Fan-cooling or air cooling options are available depending on heat dissipation requirements

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