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Large Battery Enclosures

Large Outdoor Battery Enclosures

Solar & UPS backup power system battery enclosures for off-grid or grid-connected solar systems.

large outdoor battery enclosure

Industrial Quality · Durable Pad-Mounted Design

SES offers a wide variety of large outdoor battery and electronics enclosures for emergency backup UPS and solar storage applications. Our NEMA 3R Design Battery & Control Enclosures feature white polyester powder-coated aluminum, swing out door or chest style, filtered vents and an optional NEMA 4 design separate electronics enclosure. A pedestal base is included for secure mounting.

large weatherproof battery enclosure - right side
large weatherproof battery enclosure
large weatherproof battery enclosure - left side

Weatherproof 4 Battery Enclosure

This weatherproof battery enclosure can hold Seismic Zone 4 Rated sealed lead acid AGM or monoblock Gel and advanced Lithium LiPO4 batteries. A solar controller, inverter, rectifier/battery charger, DC to DC converter and client load equipment may be mounted and pre-wired on a DIN rail with solar/battery/load breakers in the same enclosure, or an attached or separate NEMA 4 electronics compartment.

4 battery enclosure

Weatherproof 12 Battery Enclosure

This chest style, pad-mounted battery box enclosure holds up to 12 Group 8D batteries.

12v batery enclosure

SES Large Outdoor Enclosure Standard Features

  • Built to NEMA 3R design specifications
  • Bright white polyester powder-coat inside and out (other colors available)
  • Fabricated from .125” thick 5052-H32 aluminum
  • Heavy duty stainless steel continuous hinge
  • Seams are continuously welded and then sanded smooth
  • Filtered or screened ventilation louvers
  • Adjustable tension stainless steel padlock hasp
  • Chest style, pad- or ground-mounted, and hinged-lid battery boxes feature welded skid channels Swing out door and top opening designs
  • Heavy-duty, extra-thick Styrofoam insulation
  • Conduit knockouts for easy connections of grid, solar or loads
  • Can accommodate: Deka Unigy II, GNB Absolyte, Deka 8D Gel, Discover and SimpliPhi LiPO4 batteries.

MAPPS Large Battery & Electronics Enclosure Options & Upgrades

  • NEMA 4 electronics compartment available
  • Pull out trays for easy installation and removal of batteries
  • Mil finish aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel
  • DC to AC inverters pre-wired
  • DC to DC converters pre-wired
  • Solar controllers pre-wired
  • Polyphaser surge protection for radios
  • DIN Rail for equipment loads
  • Additional DC load breakers
  • POE's and other load equipment can be pre-wired and installed on backplate

Over 20 Years of Remote Off-Grid Solar Experience

Solar Electric Supply's years of PV expertise allow us to offer a wide variety of time-tested heavy-duty aluminum outdoor rated battery enclosures for remote industrial applications including solar and UPS.

outdoor battery enclosure system
utility battery backup

Not Just For Batteries

We offer enclosures for single and multiple batteries, solar controllers, DC to AC inverters, DC to DC Converters, POE's and customer supplied loads.

US Air Force airfield battery enclosures

US Air Force using MAPPS 1060AHr battery enclosures.

Class 1 Division 2 battery box enclosure

Utility company Class I Division 2 solar system

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