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solar microgrid

Solar Microgrid Systems

Remote solar microgrid energy systems for rural electrification.

SDC Remote Solar Microgrid - Hybrid Solar Systems

remote island An SDC™ Solar Microgrid reduces diesel genset usage for the US Army on a remote, tropical island in the Marshall Islands.

Our SDC™ solar microgrid systems are custom designed / site specific systems using solar power, and other hybrid sources such as diesel gensets and wind turbines. These microgrid energy systems are used to charge and maintain a variety of battery storage systems.

Microgrid Applications

Microgrid system energy is commonly used for remote telecommunication sites, island power, military outposts, forward bases, security outpost, diesel generator backup, remote industrial systems, environmental remediation, oil & gas pipeline, fracking systems. microwave repeaters, satellite stations, village power, rural electrification, radio/television repeaters , cathodic protection, emergency power, PCS base station, cellular repeaters, homeland security, mobile backhaul, disaster preparedness, remote site telemetry, remote medical clinics and much more.

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Solar Microgrid System Features & Review

SDC™ Solar Microgrid Features

Photovoltaic Modules

  • UL Listed Crystalline silicon
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Module Warranty up to 25 Years
  • off-grid solar panels
    Weatherproof solar panels to ensure long-lasting performance in harsh elements.

    Battery System

  • Long Life Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Sealed and Flooded Lead Acid
  • Modular Design
  • New Lithium Ion Designs
  • sealed batteries
    Sealed batteries that will last for years maintenance free are commonly used. Battery module racks are used in larger systems.

    Control Systems

  • Field Proven Solid State Designs
  • Modular Control Channels
  • High Reliability Componentry
  • Remote Communications
  • SMA Sunny Island microgrid inverters
    An efficient solar battery AC coupling system is used for microgrid island power systems. The SMA Sunny Island is our most popular.

    Balance of System Components

  • DC to AC Sine Wave Inverters
  • DC to AC Battery Charger/Rectifiers
  • Diesel & propane gensets
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Structure
  • oad center for system componentsmicrogrid system components
    We carry many other components to complete any custom microgrid system. We supply only the highest quality components from trusted manufacturers.

    SDC™ Solar Microgrid Services

  • Complete Project Assessment
  • Per System Drawing and Manual
  • Detailed Computer Design
  • Project Directors
  • Hands on Training
  • Set-up and Instruction
  • System Sustainment
  • Delivered Pre-Assembled
  • Global Support
  • SDC™ Solar Microgrid Benefits

  • Inspector Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatile Modular Design
  • Multi Power Source
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimal Attendance Required
  • Modular Design
  • Inspector Friendly
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Our Distribution Partners:

  • CED
  • Graybar
  • Elliot Electric
  • Industrial Electric Supply IES
  • Miller Electric
  • One Source
  • Sonepar
  • Grainger
  • Mayer Electric
  • Crescent Electric
  • Border States
  • Rexel
  • Large SMA Sunny Island Microgrid

    Solar Microgrid System Application Review

    SDC™ Microgrid Systems are used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Forward Military Bases
  • Microwave Repeaters
  • Earth Satellite Stations
  • Radio/Television Repeaters
  • Remote Medical Clinics
  • Village Power
  • Cellular Repeaters
  • PCS Base Stations
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Emergency Power
  • Island Power
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Mobile Command
  • Diesel Genset Support
  • Water Pumping
  • Field Proven Hybrid Solar System Genset Packages for DC Loads and Small AC Loads

    The SDC™ Solar Microgrid series of remote hybrid solar system packages provide a reliable source of electricity for most every need.

    Solar microgrids are used in industrial and residential power systems and in applications where this cost-effective coupling of two or more power sources provide the most economical and reliable solution.

    coupling inverters
    SDC™ Microgrid system AC coupling inverters and battery bank
    emergency communications
    US Coast Guard
    in Alaska using an SDC™ Microgrid for emergency communications
    communications tower

    McPherson Verizon SDC™ Microgrid hybrid solar genset system powers a mountain top communications tower year-round.

    solar microgrid for California Edison microwave repeater

    SDC™ Solar Microgrid for a Southern California Edison microwave repeater.

    solar microgrid island power

    SDC™ Microgrid is a leader in remote power systems for village power,island power and rural electrification.

    hybrid wind microgrid

    SDC™ Microgrid hybrid wind system for the Urban Green Energy Helical Turbine Project

    SDC™ Microgrid Systems Have Field-Tested Reliability

    Our systems represent the highest standard of reliability. All components have passed rigorous testing and are suitable for use in the harshest of environments. Each complete system is individually assembled and tested at our production facilities, assuring problem-free operation right from the start.

    mountain top cell site

    Mountaintop SDC™ Microgrid System for a wireless cell site.

    solar microgrid for ATT wireless

    A remote hybrid solar system with backup generator is used to power a cell site for AT&T Wireless.

    Department of Energy w/ Bechtel

    US DOE project with Bechtel using our system design to power their critical remote site loads.

    insulated battery enclosres

    Weatherproof insulated battery enclosures protect batteries and components.

    remote military outpost

    A remote military outpost uses our advanced solar microgrid technology.

    sellular power supply

    Pre-assembled, easily transportable power supply used by Verizon. We supply systems to cellular operators throughout the country.

    We Offer Decades of Proven Experience!

    SDC™ Solar Microgrid Systems are reliably powering thousands of critical loads around the world. Using state of the art computer modeling/design software and an experienced engineering staff, SDC™ are built to ensure year-round power availability at nearly any location on earth.

    remote airfield

    Remote airfield on Agalega Island located in the Indian Ocean uses a solar microgrid with a backup generator for consecutive cloudy days.

    smart power generation and storage

    US Army microgrid design at Fort Devens Systems Integration Lab (SIL): (1) A solar panel array; (2) energy efficient structures; (3) smart power generation and storage; and (4) solar hot water system.

    water pumping

    SES SDC™ microgrid water pumping system in South America

    hybrid diesel genset

    100 kw hybrid diesel genset solar microgrid system for National Park Service installed by SES technical crews.

    remote airport

    Remote airport in Utah easily powered where there is no utility power.

    microwave repeater

    Mountaintop microwave repeaters are powered year round with low maintenance.

    wind hybrid in desert

    SES SDC™ Solar Microgrid hybrid wind power system for Pacific Bell in Nevada desert has several sources of energy.

    Enclosure circuit

    SES SDC™ MPR-9400 Hybrid System PV Controller

    This controller designed by Solar Electric Supply automatically turns on backup diesel gensets and battery chargers.

    This system controller includes remote communication access software.

    high clearance - snow drifts

    Remote AT&T site in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This racking system has high ground clearance for snow drifts.

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    Models & Pricing


    Choose the right SDC™ Solar Microgrid System for your application.

    Choose a system based on your power needs from our table below or let one of our trained associates build a custom system for your project. These are complete pre-wired AC & DC power generating systems utilizing high efficiency solar modules, pure sine wave inverters & battery chargers for AC/DC power. Customer supplies diesel or propane back-up gensets. These SDC™ microgrid systems require sealed battery banks which our professional staff can assist with.

    Microgrid Systems SDC ID Number Solar Array Wattage Voltage Availability Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Base List Price
    Continuous Load Wattage Continuous Load Wattage Continuous Load Wattage Continuous Load Wattage
    SDC-1000 1000 24, 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    73 96 120 146 $11,990
    SDC-2000 2000 24, 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    146 191 240 293 $21,880
    SDC-4000 4000 24, 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    293 383 480 585 $43,890
    SDC-6000 6000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    439 574 720 878 $65,980
    SDC-9000 9000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    658 861 1080 1316 $98,880
    SDC-12000 12000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    878 1148 1440 1755 $132,000
    SDC-18000 18000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    1316 1721 2160 2633 $179,000
    SDC-24000 24000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    1755 2295 2880 3510 $216,000
    SDC-36000 36000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    2633 3443 4320 5265 $288,000
    SDC-72000 72000 48 VDC
    120/240 VAC
    5265 6885 8640 10530 $576,000

    Our line of complete SDC™ solar microgrid systems are built with over 40 years experience.

    microgrid solar system review


    Contact us Toll-Free: (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance with any microgrid system project.

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