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remote off-grid stand-alone solar systems

MAPPS® Remote Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Pad & Pole-mounted, Class 1 Div 2, Microgrid and AC/DC UPS solar battery enclosure systems.

pad and pole mounted solar systems

Complete pre-assembled pole & pad mount solar systems for:

· UHF/VHF Radio
· Seismic or Environmental Monitoring
· Wireless Smart Meter Reading
· RFID Sensor Detection
· Climate Weather Monitoring

Class 1 Division 2 Solar Systems

Complete CSA certified Class I Div II solar systems for:

· Gas Wellhead Monitoring
· Pipeline Flow Monitoring
· Tank Farms, Gaging
· Offshore Oil Platforms
· Environmental Monitoring

large portable skid-mounted solar generator systems

Completely pre-assembled skid based solar systems for many applications including:

· Emergency Preparedness
· Disaster Relief & Response
· Standby Solar Generator
· Military Use
· Solar Emergency Power

solar UPS system

Complete, ready-to-install UPS systems for reliable outdoor battery backup for:

· Critical AC and DC Loads
· Pole-mounted Outdoor Systems
· Tower and Obstruction Lighting
· Video Cameras & Security Systems
· 8-96 hour backup systems available

microgrid solar system

Complete engineered hybrid solar with wind, diesel genset systems for:

· Cellular & Telecom Repeaters
· Remote Site Power & Microgrids
· Environmental Monitoring
· Military Forward Base Station Power
· Village & Island Power

solar obstruction lighting

We carry a complete line of LED obstruction lighting MAPPS® systems for:

· MET Tower Wind Farm Lighting
· Utility Tower LED Lighting
· FAA & ICAO Aviation Lighting
· Crane & Tall Building Lighting
· L810 LED Hazardous Obstruction



Solar System Applications

· Flow Monitoring
· Cathodic Protection
· Microwave Relay
· Environmental Monitoring
· Street/Area/Landscape Lighting

· Wireless Smart Meters
· Gas Valve Automation
· Transmission Tower LED Lighting
· WiFi WiMax
· Broadband Wireless
· Security Systems
· Telemetry

Solar Electric Supply’s MAPPS® are stand-alone solar power systems, engineered to support a wide variety of remote power requirements.

All MAPPS® are complete, pre-packaged systems consisting of:

complete off-grid solar system

· UL Listed Photovoltaic Modules
· Sealed, Maintenance-free Batteries
· Rugged Battery Enclosure
· Pre-wired Charge / Load Controller
· Lightning Surge Protection
· High Quality Aluminum Mounts
· Wiring Harness
· Installation Manual and Schematics

wholesale warehouse


We manufacture many of the custom components we provide to our high standards for: integrated systems, grid-tie applications, water pumping, security and residential lighting, SCADA/instrumentation, island electrification, back-up or emergency power, solar and stand alone solar hybrid packages for remote locations and off-grid homes.

contractors working on stand alone solar system


We offer global installation services and training on renewable power system design, installation, operation and maintenance for audiences and organizations around the world. Our training programs teach on site, practical knowledge needed to effortlessly complete successful projects. Our extensive experience with project management, construction and permitting of projects from less than .1KW to over 5MW.


wholesale warehouse

We offer a variety of monitoring, analysis, and software products and services to the solar community (including electric utilities, power providers, institutions, and individuals). Our products and services are designed to assist our customers in monitoring the output of their solar systems, responding immediately to events affecting system performance, and delivering information about the performance and benefits of the solar source to desired viewers.

wholesale warehouse


We supply photovoltaic and other renewable energy products to dealers, contractors, commercial and industrial accounts, and government agencies. High capacity purchasing results in the lowest possible pricing and our extensive inventory guarantees immediate availability.

solar research and development


We have extensive experience conducting studies pertaining to the design and deployment of stand alone solar systems into the operations of electric utility companies, including distribution systems and air emissions mitigation. We also pioneer the industry and government with development of cutting edge power electronics products for renewable energy systems.

stand alone solar system design engineering


Full CAD capabilities, wide-ranging drawing library and proprietary computer design tools allow us the convenience of designing products and systems for any location on earth.


Our MAPPS® and SES SDC™ Microgrid systems are made in the USA, and qualify for US ARRA and Buy America Act.


We provide complete "turnkey" project support from design through operation. Support includes engineering, installation & commissioning via our contracting partners, testing and documentation. Our personnel have traveled extensively to remote sites worldwide, installing systems or providing technical support and training for user installed projects.

megawatt solar system


With thousands of installed systems and countless hours of operation, we offer an excellent foundation of practical experience to share with our customers covering all aspects of photovoltaic applications, anywhere in the world.


Stringent computer design software to IEEE remote solar design standards allow us to design systems which provide accurate power and energy performance level predictions. We will design and supply our systems anywhere in the world.


All systems begin with high quality components employing proven engineering and design methods. We assemble subsystems following a strict quality assurance program, install the system in compliance with local codes and national standards, perform extensive testing and complete each project by providing training and "as built" documentation.

World-class technical support provided by experienced professionals.
We pride ourselves on providing the best technical support in the industry.

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