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Solar Panel Ground Mounts - Low-Profile, Adjustable & Multi-Pole

Solar Panel Ground Mounts

Low-profile, adjustable pole & ballast solar PV ground mounts at low wholesale prices.

solar panel ground mounts


IronRidge ground mount

IronRidge Ground Mount

  • Up to 12’ spanning capability
  • Columns up to 5 modules high
  • Uses standard Schedule 40 pipe
  • 20 year warranty

IronRidge Ground Mount System

Designed to last in extreme weather climates. It combines sturdy XR1000 rails with standard 2" or 3" Schedule 40 pipe for spans of up to 12 feet or more. The XR1000 Rail and weatherproof components have a 20 year warranty.  

DPW Solar

DPW Ground Mount

DPW Ground Mount

  • 130 MPH wind zone capable
  • 9 adjustable angles 0° to 55°
  • Uses Schedule 40 or 80 vertical pipe
  • Square or rectangular horizontal pipe

DPW Multi-Pole Ground Mount

DPW Power-Fab multi-pole MPM-GM ground mounts are seasonally adjustable with nine positive locking tilt angle settings. They provide a secure mounting structure for solar panels on a single row of vertical 3", 4" or 6" Schedule 40 pipe.

MT Solar

MT Solar ground mount

MT Solar Ground Mount

  • Sturdy steel beam supports
  • Leveling bolts
  • Uses IronRidge XR rails & clamps
  • Our best looking ground mount

MT Solar Ground Mount

Our best looking ground mount, the MT Solar Ground Mount uses steel beams for vertical supports instead of pipe. The support beams bolt to a base with leveling bolts. It uses IronRidge XR rails and clamps for module attachment.


ProSolar GroundTrac

Professional Solar Products

  • 100 MPH wind load on each system
  • Sturdy 4 high columns
  • Ideal for low-profile mounting
  • Snow load enhancer available

Professional Solar Products

The ProSolar GroundTrac mounting system enables fast installation using time-tested Rooftrac rails. Using common Schedule 40 pipe, it is compatible with most solar panel arrays. Used for over 15 years in residential and industrial PV projects.

Solar Panel Ballast Mounts

Self-ballasting solar panel mounts are an easy ground-mounted solution that requires no ground penetrations. We carry a variety of ballast mount solutions for commercial, industrial, government and military solar PV ground mount applications, contact us.

Solar Panel Ground Mounting Systems Since 1996

Solar Electric Supply has been specializing in solar panel ground mounts for PV module systems for over 20 years. All of the quality name brands we carry feature weatherproof aluminum or stainless steel components for corrosion resistance. From small commercial systems to large solar farms, we have the expertise and low wholesale prices to make your next ground-mounted solar panel PV project a success.

All Solar Panel Mounts
Contact us toll-free at (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance and low wholesale prices for most solar panel ground mounts.