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Upsolar Turnkey Solar Carports - Commercial Systems

Upsolar Solar Carport

Upsolar Turnkey Solar Carport Solution
Commercial & Utility Scale Projects
Solar Electric Supply provides Upsolar solar carports. These are fabricated cantilevered steel parking structures for small and large solar car parks.

  • Structural carport design, engineering, fabrication and installation of structures at project site
  • Customized BOS with SMA Sunny Central Inverters delivered to project site
  • Fabricated Cantilevered Steel Parking Structures, Including:
    • Upsolar UP-M290P modules mounted to structures
    • Canopy Installation, BOS Solutions Package & Inverters
  • Canopy Structural Design Options
    • Double Cantilever; Flush
    • Double Cantilever; Modules Tilted
    • Full Cantilever; Flush
  • Seismic Compliant Structures Available
  • DSA Compliant Designs Available
Upsolar Turnkey Solar Carport Solution
grid-tie inverter Upsolar Carport Turnkey Solutions
  • Standard Design Assistance
  • Seismic Design Assistance
  • DSA Design Assistance
*750 kW Minimum*
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carport design

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