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ProSolar Rooftrac

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The Rooftrac photovoltaic (PV) solar panel mounting system is a patented top-down roof mounting solution designed and manufactured with the installer in mind. This innovative design incorporates anodized lightweight aluminum components to allow for maximum transportation and installation efficiency. The lightweight nature of the aluminum rail utilizes the basic laws of physics to create structural competence rather than just bulking up the rail in height adding unnecessary and costly aluminum. With this design, the RoofTrac system system holds the lowest engineered profile to the roof in the industry.

patented slide-n-clamp system clamp system support rail
1.5" Rail
clamp system channel nut
Channel Nut

The RoofTrac solar panel roof mounting system has been load-tested and engineered to 125mph wind load (50 lbs/square foot of pressure load) for most module types. Roof Trac secures the solar panels and prevents damage caused from high-winds and seismic forces. The Roof Trac support rail was designed to conceal all attachment hardware. All connections are made inside the support rail hidden from view. All exposed aluminum is fully anodized to module manufacturer specifications. The Roof Trac rail must be drilled on site for connection to Tile Trac or Fast Jack.

Module Clamps

module end clamps
End Clamps
inter module clamps
Inter-module Clamps
sanyo end and intermodule

The clamping system consists of end clamps and mid clamps to attach the module frame to the Roof Trac support rail. This fully integrated clamping system actually changes the structural properties of the aluminum channel making it significantly stronger. This design allows solar modules to be installed at a lower profile to the roof, providing a more aesthetically pleasing installation. Module clamps are specifically designed, extruded and engineered for each specific module frame. Our innovative clamping system provides inward tension on the module frame securing the laminate in the frame. Channel nuts slide easily into position to hold the end clamps and mid clamps.

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