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battery box enclosures

SES Outdoor Rated Electronics & Battery Enclosures

SES Pole & Pad Mount NEMA 3R and 4X Enclosures for outdoor UPS and solar battery systems.

battery box solar gel battery

Solar Electric Supply has a wide variety of heavy duty aluminum outdoor rated battery enclosures for remote industrial applications including solar and UPS. We offer enclosures for single and multiple batteries, solar controllers, DC to AC inverters, DC to DC Converters, POE's and customer supplied loads. Attachment brackets are supplied to fit any pole type or size. Standard mill finish and powder coated colors are available. Includes stainless steel hinged doors and compression latches for locking.

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One group 31 battery enclosure
Single Group 31
2 Group 31 battery enclosure
Two Group 31
2 Group 8D battery enclosure
Two 8D or Six 8G31
4 Group 27 Class 1 Division 2 solar battery enclosure
Four Group 27
Class 1 Division 2
2 Group 27 Class 1 Div 2 battery enclosure
Two Group 27
Class 1 Division 2
4 Group 8D pad-mounted battery box
Four Group 8D
Pad Mounted

Solar Battery Enclosure Applications

· AC or DC UPS backup power
· Obstruction lighting for towers
· Wi-Fi/PoE wireless broadband
· Security cameras
· RFID readers
· Remote telemetry
· Wireless data monitoring
· Meter reading
· Gas pipeline monitoring
· Radio smart meter readers
· Solar farm monitoring backup power
· Class I Div II oil and gas

solar battery box system on airfield
SES MAPPS enclosures can be used in parallel to double the battery capacity. These dual PAD 4 enclosures are used by the US Air Force.
remote outdoor off-grid solar system photo


  • Holds up to six batteries
  • Standard pipe size clamps supplied, custom sizes available for any pole type
  • Steel pole, monopole, telephone pole, wall mount and ROHN tower mount options
  • Pole mount enclosures designed to hold over 350 lbs

  • Standard design is rugged aluminum construction for corrosion resistance
  • Unistrut brackets for pole mounting
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Lockable compression latches
  • NEMA 3R style filtered, louver vents
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • DIN mounted controls with overload protection and terminal strip

  • Designed for rapid field installation with standard strut clamping hardware
  • Pre-wired control panels with pre-wired pigtails
  • Controls factory preset for quick and trouble free commissioning
  • Conduit knockouts for easy conduit connections of grid or solar and loads

    water flow monitoring solar battery system
    Two battery enclosure with electronics for a New York State water flow monitoring application.
    two solar battery boxes in parallel
    Dual 2 X 8D enclosure mounted on a monopole utility tower for aircraft warning lighting.
    open C1 D2 sealed battery enclosure
    Some of our enclosures have sealed upper compartments with a gasketed door for control panels and other loads.
    ProStar wired with breakers
    Pre-wired ProStar controller on DIN rail mounted on backplate with overload protection and labeled terminal strip.
    solar charge controller load center
    Pre-wired SunSaver controller mounted on control backplate with breakers, removable radio shelf available.
    larger battery boxes for telecom
    SES also manufactures larger, custom battery enclosures for higher power applications using telecom grade batteries and rack mount electronics.

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    accounts worldwide with reliable, cost-effective solar electric power solutions.

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