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energy storage batteries

Energy Storage Batteries

Batteries for on-grid and off-grid storage at low wholesale prices.

Aquion Energy

Aquion Aspen AHI™ Energy Storage Battery

Based on Aquion’s proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) technology, Aquion Aspen batteries are designed for a long cycle life, deep depth of discharge, and excellent abuse tolerance. Aquion AHI energy storage batteries are available in 24 volt and 48 volt configurations. A plug and play 48 volt battery bank is available comprised of twelve 48S-2.2 batteries.

Energy storage systems include stationary long-duration, daily cycling applications such as microgrid energy storage, off-grid storage, on-grid uninterruptible power supply, baseload shifting solar farms and other utility grid-scale services.

Aquion 48M battery bank

Absolyte GP
GNB Absolyte Battery

GNB Absolyte GP VRLA Energy Storage Battery

The Absolyte GP industrial sealed battery by GNB Industrial Power is a VRLA battery that does not require added water for the life of the battery. The Absolyte GP VRLA design is inherently safer than conventional flooded lead-acid batteries.

GNB Absolyte Batteries include Seismic Zone 4 Racking and covers. Ideal for larger off grid or solar grid tie battery backup systems. Protective steel tray housings offer maximum installation flexibility. The GNB Absolyte GP is 1997 UBC/2001 CBC Seismic Zone IV qualified to stack horizontally up to eight high. This provides for high capacity in a small footprint. These replace the older Absolyte II series batteries.

Absolyte single battery cells

AGM Energy Storage Batteries

Sealed maintenance-free batteries using fine-glass to hold electrolyte.
AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries range from models ideal from very high to low-temprature environments.

Fahrenheit batteries
Fahrenheit Batteries

High temperature

Deka Fahrenheit

Deka Fahrenheit HT145ET Battery

Deka Fahrenheit HT170ET Battery

Deka Fahrenheit HT200ET Battery

Deka Fahrenheit HT7500ET Battery

Concorde Sun Xtender AGM Solar Battery

Concorde Sun Xtender



Gel Cell Batteries

Sealed maintenance-free batteries using gel electrolyte.
Ideal for normal to high-temperature environments. Very popular for solar panel system energy storage due to their longevity and lack of fumes due to their sealed container.


Deka 8G27 Gel Battery

Deka 8G30H Gel Battery

Deka 8G31 Gel Battery

Deka 8G4D Gel Battery

Deka 8G8D Gel Battery


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Unigy II



Deka Unigy II Spacesaver AGM Batteries

Industrial quality, high capacity, sealed maintenance free batteries include Seismic Zone 4 Racking and covers. Ideal for uninterruptible backup energy storage for larger off-grid/grid-tie/wind/solar/generator island microgrid systems, microwave digital repeaters, military bases, hospitals and much more.

Deka Unigy II Spacesaver batteries are recommended for larger, battery-based solar, wind, hydro or hybrid systems that demand high performance on demand and a long cycle life. The AVR95 Cell delivers up to 28% more power in the same space compared to larger competitor models while maintaining a 20-year design life

The reduced footprint saves valuable space yet meets the latest UBC97 Zone 4 specifications, certified up to 8 modules high.

Deka Unigy II battery system

Rolls Battery

Rolls Long-Life Lead-Acid Batteries

Rolls batteries utilizes dual container construction. Each cell is assembled in its own inner container made of high temperature retardant, durable polypropylene with the inner cover heat bonded to the container, (thus acid leakage is eliminated).

The cells are then assembled into a high density tough polyethylene outer container with a removable lid. Even if the outer container were to break the battery would still be operable without the harmful affects of sulfuric acid spills.

Some Rolls batteries have average life expectancy up to 20  years, Warranted for 10 years.

Rolls 12 volt battery
Rolls 2 volt single cell
Rolls deep cycle battery
Deka Solar Low-Maintenance Flooded System

The Deka Solar Flooded System offers reliable, low maintenance power.

It is designed for solar energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required, minimum maintenance, and support for larger inverters is desirable.

Deka flooded maintenance saver system


 Hup Solar One Battery

General Battery HuP Solar-One Battery

Each Solar-One is made up of six 2-volt cells and comes with stainless steel hardware, lead-plated copper buss bars, a cell lifting strap and an operator/installation manual.

HuP Solar-One batteries by General Battery are ideal for solar battery charging and alternative energy applications.


General Battery
HuP Solar-One Solar Battery

Remote Industrial Systems

  • MAPPS Pad & Pole Mounted
  • Class I Division II Oil & Gas
  • LED Obstruction Lighting
  • AC/DC Outdoor UPS Systems
  • Large Rapid Deployment Systems

Battery Backup Inverter Systems

  • Magnum PAE Inverter Systems
  • Schneider Conext XW Systems
  • SMA Sunny Island Inverter Systems

Custom Energy Storage Systems

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Trojan L-16 6 & 12 Volt Lead-Acid Battery

With a low initial cost, these are a great choice for remote homes, temporary energy storage, large marine boats, etc. They are a heavy duty cousin of the golf cart batteries with much thicker lead plates and nearly twice the capacity. If these are cycled 20% per day, you can expect a 3-6 year lifespan.

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