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SES MAPPS AC DC Outdoor UPS Systems

SES AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ Systems

Weatherproof UPS backup systems for emergency backup power.

AC/DC Outdoor UPS system

Weatherproof UPS Backup Systems

Our AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ back-up systems provide a complete, uninterruptible power supply that integrates quickly with batteries, loads, and monitors. DC systems are available in 12, 24 and 48 volt. AC systems are available in 120 VAC configurations.

Each compact battery charging system assembly features automatic boost/float temperature compensated charging, a low voltage disconnect and programmable alarm contacts. AC systems feature an industrial quality pure-sine DC to AC inverter for AC loads.

These components are all housed in a rugged outdoor-rated NEMA enclosure. Versatile installation options include wall mount, 19” rackmount and DIN-Rail. High operating temperature rating with convection cooling make the unit ideal for remote site shelters and pole mount enclosure applications. These are often used with private network base stations and microwave sites. Contact us toll-free at (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance.

Electronics shelf
Electronics shelf

SES AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ System Benefits, Features & Review

AC/DC Outdoor UPS system
The SES AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ system enclosure is powder coated white for cooler summer operation, and includes Goretex battery breather vents.
Electronics shelf
These systems include an electronics shelf for easy removal and service and room for load equipment.
insulated battery enclosures
Our system enclosures feature insulated battery compartments to ensure a long service life for our high quality
US Made sealed batteries.

System Benefits

Clean reliable backup power
Our systems produce clean, uninterrupted power for critical AC and/or DC loads. In the event of AC (utility) power loss, the UPS-AC/DC Outdoor supplies back-up power for 24-48 hours, or longer if requested.

Weatherproof enclosure
We include a high quality, powder-coated, outdoor rated white aluminum enclosure, designed to house the battery and system electronics.

Pre-wired and ready to perform
Our systems are pre-wired and tested so all you have to do is install the batteries and connect your load. There's ample room for your load equipment also.

We have an AC/DC Outdoor UPS System for your needs
We have a wide variety of enclosures to meet any outdoor application . Our enclosures are designed to mount on a wide variety of round pole and tower legs. We can custom design the system for your specific site.

UPS Power System Features

airtight enclosure compression seal
These systems feature lockable hasps with a dual compression for an airtight seal.

Our NEMA 4X UL Enclosure
certification sticker

  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
    This option protects batteries from excessive deep discharge, which can damage them.
  • True Universal Input
    47-66 Hz, 85-265 VAC (automatic, no jumpers); 110-370 VDC input.
  • Power-Factor-Corrected Input
    Prevents harmonic degradation of the AC power line feeding the system.
  • Generous Power Reserve
    Plenty of power to recharge batteries quickly.
  • Constant-Current Limited Output
    Avoids the shutdown problems common with conventional power supplies.
  • Temperature Compensated Output
    Provides proper voltage for battery charging over wide temperatures.
  • Low Noise Output
    allows use with sensitive electronics used in control, monitoring, and communications.
  • Glitch-less Switchover
    Provides continuous load power free of sharp transients.
  • Wide Operating Temperature
    Makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use (-20 - 60º C, -4 - 140º F).
  • Input and Output Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    Provide precise protection over broad temperature ranges.
  • Isolated Form C Alarm Contacts
    Provide remote signaling or shed loads when AC power fails.
  • Status Indicators
    Provide system status at a glance and aid with troubleshooting.
  • Reverse Battery Protection
    With a replaceable fuse protects the DC-UPS and your loads from costly damage.
  • Convenient Mounting
    Allows the DC-UPS to be flat panel mounted.
  • Rugged Enclosure / Quality Construction
    For trouble-free service in harsh industrial or remote applications.
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SES AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ Review

large custom battery backup system
We provide large, custom backup power systems for emergency preparedness. Rapid deployment trailer mounted systems using stationary telecom grade UPS batteries. Made in the USA.
hybrid battery backup system
Our hybrid backup control system designed for Union Pacific powers critical sensor loads on the rail car and is fed by shore power, solar power, and diesel genset power for the
ultimate in power reliability.
power system boards
We assemble and completely test our UPS-AC/DC Outdoor power system boards before they are shipped. These systems are now reliably powering critical loads for a utility in New York state.
ground-mounted backup energy storage
Our larger SES AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ systems hold enough backup energy storage for several days in these critical ground-mounted US Air Force airbase lighting applications.
air quality monitoring sensors
For larger energy demands such as these air quality monitoring sensors, our systems feature telecom grade stationary batteries for extended power outage backup.
battery compartment
Our UPS-AC/DC Outdoor enclosures have stainless steel hinges. Battery breather vents allow for thermal regulation of the battery compartments.
NEMA 4x Enclosure for Class I Div II
Our SES UPS-AC/DC Outdoor optional NEMA 4X UL Listed C/US enclosures are ideal for oil and gas Class I Division II hazardous location applications that require full system certification.
flexible pole mounting brackets
Flexible Pole mounting brackets on our outdoor enclosures allow for mounting on a variety of pole sizes.

AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ Applications

UPS-AC/DC Outdoor Battery Charger and Primary Power Supply

Backup those critical outdoor loads with our fully assembled outdoor rated UPS-AC/DC battery chargers with sealed battery and primary power supplies. These are designed for for radio base stations and repeaters, SCADA and RTU systems, gate openers, tower obstruction lighting, security systems, video cameras, roadway caution signs, LED traffic controls, DC industrial controls, Wi-Fi/WiMax back-up power, grid-tie solar systems, low voltage lighting, telecom, utility wireless meter readers, RFID sensors, and more!


We Specialize in Critical Backup Power Systems

Designs for all Outdoor Back-up AC/DC Applications
  • Radio Base Stations & Repeaters
    Long-lasting large batteries maintain vital communication during natural disasters.
  • SCADA Systems
    More reliable communications with long-term back-up power.
  • Tower and Obstruction Lighting
    Beacons stay flashing during an outage.
  • Remote Telemetry
    Tolerates huge voltage drops from long power lines.
  • Video Cameras
    Maintain surveillance when the power goes out.
  • Gate Openers
    Provide continued access during a power outage or storm.
  • Security Systems
    Continue monitoring the premises even when the power is cut.
  • Roadway Caution Signs
    Construction road crews can continue working when they are needed the most.
  • LED Traffic Controls
    Regulate traffic flow during an outage.
  • DC Industrial Controls
    Back-up power for uninterrupted control and monitoring on the factory floor.
  • Wi-Fi/WiMax Back-up Power
    Maintain communications and essential data transfer for public safety.
  • Low Voltage Lighting
    Provides reliable adequate light that provides safety on walkways, stairs, and mezzanines.
Pole mount
Our heavy duty enclosure pole mounts can mount
easily to a variety of pole sizes including
utility wood poles and tapered steel light poles.

Large outdoor battery enclosure
Our larger AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ outdoor enclosures have lots of room for the batteries, power supplies & rectifier and even the customer's loads.

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  SES AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ System Models

Models AC Voltage Input Battery System DC Voltage Frequency Range Continuous 24 hour DC Amp Rating Load Voltage Options Weight Enclosure Description & Dimensions
AC/DC-12-100 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 12 Volts 40-100Hz. 4.1 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 105 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control enclosure, powder coated white aluminum, insulation kit, Unistrut bracket for pole/wall mount
26.2H, x 16.5W x 10.6"D
AC/DC-12-200 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 12 Volts 40-100Hz. 7.34 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 169 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control enclosure, powder coated white aluminum, insulation kit, Unistrut bracket for pole/wall mount
30.2H, x 24.7W x 14.5"D
AC/DC-12-265 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 12 Volts 40-100Hz. 9.54 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 199 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control enclosure, powder coated white aluminum, insulation kit, Unistrut bracket for pole/wall mount
30.2H, x 24.7W x 14.5"D
AC/DC-24-100 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 24 Volts 40-100Hz. 3.67 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 169 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control enclosure, powder coated white aluminum, insulation kit, Unistrut bracket for pole/wall mount
30.2H, x 24.7W x 14.5"D
AC/DC-24-265 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 24 Volts 40-100Hz. 9.54 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 382 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control enclosure, powder coated white aluminum, insulation kit, pedestal base for pad mounting
40.5H, x 25W x 15.5"D
AC/DC-24-530 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 24 Volts 40-100Hz. 19.08 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 755 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control chest style enclosure, batteries installed, powder coated white aluminum, holds 4 8G8D batteries, insulation kit, pedestal base for pad mounting
19H, x 49W x 29"D
AC/DC-48-530 85-275 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 48 Volts 40-100Hz. 9.54 Amps 12, 24, 48 VDC 120/220 VAC 1383 lbs NEMA 3R Battery & Control chest style enclosure, powder coated white aluminum, holds 8 8G8D batteries, insulation kit, pedestal base for pad mounting
19H, x 49W x 53"D
Note: Custom sizes available for any outdoor backup power application

Have a light pole with 277 VAC power and a photocontroller?
No Problem!

Read more about our PTA-100 power adapter that powers your loads 24 hours a day.

Street Light Pole Power Adapter

Need to purchase from your local electrical supply house?

Our systems are available from these top distributors:

P&R Tech Border States Crescent Electric Supply Company Mayer Electric Supply Rexel Independent Electric Supply Sonepar OneSource Distributors Miller Electric Graybar Grainger Elliot Electric Supply CED - Consolidated Electrical Distributors

We Stand behind our AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ Backup Power Systems

Our AC/DC Outdoor UPS™ Backup Power Systems are pre-packaged power supplies that are engineered, tested and assembled to the highest industry standards. We maintain a large inventory of proven products at competitive pricing, backed by superior technical, performance warranties and customer service.

We at Solar Electric Supply pride ourselves on providing the best technical support in the industry.

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