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Unirac Tile Hook Universal Solar Panel Roof Mount

Unirac Tile Roof Hook


Tile Roof Hook Universal Mount

Tile Roof Hook Universal Mount
Tile Roof Hook with Spanish Tile

Solar Electric Supply provides the Unirac Tile Roof Hook Universal Mount. A more elegant solution than hanger bolts or standoffs. Various roof hook styles have been developed for different tile roofing types.

front & top mount

Tile Hook Components:

  • 1 Tile Hook
  • 2 Lag Screws
  • 2 Washers
  • 1 Stainless Steel Bolt
  • 1 Nut

Compared to hanger bolts:

  • Drilling tile is not required.
  • Tiles are not subject to cracking and failure over time due to normal flexure of hanging bolt.
Compared To Standoffs:
  • Easier to install, do not require cutting tile or flashing in most instances
  • Superior aesthetics
Roof Tile Hook Top Mount


  • Works on many different tiles/applications due to adjustability afforded by width of base plate
  • Double roman tile, Spanish tile, other similar tiles
  • Does not require flashing or cutting of tile in many applications
  • Easy to install


  • Remove tile at desired installation point
  • Place tile roof hook in desired position (here hitting the valley with the hook)
  • Sink three supplied screws into rafter
  • Replace overlying tile