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Solar Stack Penetrationless Roof Mount System

A New Way to Mount Solar Panels Without Harming Your Roof

Zero Roof Penetration Solar Panel Mounting System For Commercial and Residential Applications

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Solar Stack Roof Display Solar Stack stands at the forefront of solar mounting technology, offering a revolutionary solution for homeowners and businesses looking to harness solar power without compromising their roof's integrity. This innovative system eliminates the need for penetrations typically required by traditional mounting methods, thereby preserving your roof's warranty and structural integrity. Compared to conventional options, Solar Stack provides a more efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing installation, making it an increasingly popular choice among solar adopters.

Zero Roof Penetration    No Leaks    No Holes    No Screws    Meets the strictest wind codes in the US

Solar Stack Install Example

Each Solar Stack has Two .25” channels and one .5” channel. Clamps with a .25” t-bolt and .5” snapping clamps are compatible.

Solar Stack Install Example

Solar Stack is attached to the roof membrane with spray polyurethane foam adhesive.

Solar Stack Install Example

Panels can be mounted in landscape or portrait with flush Solar Stack mounts.

Compatible Solar Stack Flat & Low Slope Roof Systems

  • Granulated Cap Sheet (Roll Roofing)
  • BUR (Built Up Roofing)
  • Modified Bitumen
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • Metal (22 gauge or heavier within HVHZ)
  • Concrete
  • SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam)
  • Hypalon

Solar Stack Pedestal Mounting Hardware

Starting with the 'STANDARD 8"', this is the most popular and versatile option, ideal for standard installations. For those requiring enhanced stability, the 'STANDARD 12"' offers an additional 50% uplift resistance, ensuring a more robust mount in challenging environments. For optimized sun exposure, our '5° Tilt Kit' and '10° Tilt Kit' provide a gentle slope, allowing panels to capture more sunlight, thus increasing energy efficiency.



The Most Popular / Go to Solar Stack



Provides Additional 50% Uplift Resistance

5 Deg Tilt Kit

5° Tilt Kit

Provides 5° Slope for Solar Panels

10 Deg Tilt Kit

10° Tilt Kit

Provides 10° Slope for Solar Panels

How Many Stacks do I need Per Panel?

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Determining how many Solar Stacks you need for your solar panels is easy. Just follow this simple formula: Take the total number of solar panels you have and double it. Then, do the same for the number of rows of panels you have. Finally, add these two numbers together to get the total number of Solar Stacks needed.

(Number of Panels × 2) + (Number of Rows × 2) = Total Solar Stacks.

Solar Stack Calculation

(Number of Panels × 2) + (Number of Rows × 2) = Total Solar Stacks

10 panels in 2 rows: (10 × 2) + (2 × 2) = 24 Solar Stacks

Diagram showing solar stack calculation example

Solar Stack Roof Mount System Benefits

Home Owner Benefits

  • Penetration-Free Installation: Solar Stack is the only solar panel mounting system that does not require roof penetrations.
  • Innovative Mounting Technology: Utilizes a unique pedestal and code-approved foam adhesive, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment of solar panels to the roof.
  • Proven Durability in Harsh Conditions: The foam adhesive has a proven track record in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone, exceptional durability and resilience in extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy and Efficient Installation: The simplicity of the system allows for quicker and more efficient solar panel installations by contractors.

Contractor Benefits

  • Compatibility with Multiple Roof Systems: Works with sloped systems like Tile, Concrete Decks, and Structural Metal, as well as Flat Deck systems including BUR, TPO, and more.
  • Exclusion of Specific Roof Systems: Clearly defined incompatibility with shingle, silicone, or polypropylene-based surfaces, ensuring precise application.
  • Rail-Free Installation: Eliminates the need for rails and racks, allowing direct installation of solar panels to the pedestal.
  • Versatile Mounting Hardware Compatibility: Features channels that accommodate various mid-clamps and end-clamps.

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