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Solar Electric Supply, Inc. Contractor, Installer and Dealer Program

Become an Authorized Solar Electric Supply Contractor or Dealer.

We are always looking for good solar contractors, integrators, and dealers all over the US. Are you a skilled contractor or dealer looking to expand your business? General, electrical, HVAC, roofing, and other contractors can install solar photovoltaic systems. We also work with oil, gas, mining, Scada, telecom and security integrators and installers all over the world. The solar power industry is growing rapidly and we can help you become one of the leading solar installation contractors in your area.

Image of Contractors Installing Solar System

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Download and complete the Contractor Application Form. Include a copy of your contractor's license. Email the completed application and license copy to

Step 2: Create a Site Plan

Draw a site plan showing the solar modules to scale in your desired location. Ensure that the site plan is clear, accurate, and includes all relevant details for your project. Solar Site Plan Guide

Step 3: Request a Custom Quote

Visit Custom Quote Page and submit your information. Fax your site plan to 831-462-8246 or email it to Include all system and contact information with your site plan.

Superior Technical Support and Engineering Services

Our staff has over 80 years of combined experience in the design and installation of photovoltaic grid tie and off grid industrial systems. We assist you with the design of every system, from component selection, sizing, site plan review, full electrical design and permit plan sets with engineering. Our design team is ready to support your most challenging installations and remote solar applications.

We help you by:

  • Designing the racking system using your site plan
  • Designing the electrical system and determining tie-in requirements
  • Quoting you exactly what you need for your project
  • Assistance with electrical schematics, Permit Submittals, and racking certifications for your permits
  • Powerful Lead Referral Program for Authorized Installers
Solar Electric Supply, Inc. Contractor, Installer and Dealer Program

Why Should I work with Solar Electric Supply?

Through our purchasing power, we can offer you the highest quality and most competitive solar power systems available. Our Authorized Contractors receive priority technical support and quoting services from our engineering staff. Our website draws in many opportunities and we give residential and commercial leads to our Approved Contractors. At Solar Electric Supply, we've built more than just a dealer network - we have created a thriving community of the nation's top solar professionals. Join our exclusive group of Authorized Contractors and get unparalleled access to premium products, competitive pricing, leads, and growth opportunities.

Solar Electric Supply, Inc. Contractor, Installer and Dealer Program