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Quick Mount PV Quick Hook

Quick Mount PV Quick Hook USA - Flat & Curved Tile
Quick Mount PV Quick Hook USA™ - Flat & Curved Tile Roof Mount
Engineered to Quick Mount PV's industry-leading standards for code-compliant mounting systems, Quick Hook USA™ is the first tile hook complete with preformed flashing right out of the box.
Quick Hook with Spanish Tile
  • The Quick Hook roof mount provides faster, more cost-effective installation
  • Eliminates tile hole cutting for fewer broken tiles and less dust
  • Better aesthetics with no visible flashing
  • Sliding hook makes it easy to hit the rafter and match hook to the valley of the tile
  • Models for both curved and flat tile
  • Made in the USA

Quick Mount Quick Hook USA Curved Tile Mount Dimensions

Curved tile info Quick Hook Curved Tile Mount Specifications

Flat tile info Quick Hook Flat Tile Mount Specifications