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IronRidge Solar Panel Ground Mount System

Ground mount solar panels on all types of terrain.

IronRidge Ground Mount
The durable IronRidge Ground Mount is scalable to 5 rows high using standard Schedule 40 pipe.

The IronRidge Ground Mount System combines XR1000 rails with locally-sourced Schedule 40 steel pipes to create a cost-effective solar panel mounting structure capable of handling any site or terrain challenge. Installation is simple with only a few structural components and no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery is required. This rugged solar panel ground mount works with a variety of foundation options, including concrete piers and driven piles.

With construction using IronRidge XR1000 mounting rails, this mount will provide the durability and versatility to handle virtually any residential or commercial solar system installation. Using these durable rails, the IronRidge Ground Mount System is ideal for any ground mounted grid-tie solar system, off-grid battery powered solar system, solar farm, microgrid, remote telecommunications, or any other solar system requiring a maintenance-free, long-lasting solar panel mounting structure.

IronRidge Ground Mount Review

IronRidge ground mount review
IronRidge Ground Mount XR1000 rail assembly and substructure review shown with top caps, rail connectors, end clamp, wire clips, end cap and standard installer-supplied Schedule 40 pipe. The IronRidge rail mounting system is backed by a 20-year warranty.

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IronRidge builds the strongest ground mounting system in solar.

IronRidge provides a comprehensive platform for designing a wide variety of photovoltaic systems for ground mounting applications. Due to its modular architecture, it can handle nearly all commercially available PV modules and can scale to the largest projects. IronRidge products are engineered to last in the most extreme weather conditions and have been installed in every continent in the world.

IronRidge Ground Mount components are engineered to incorporate locally sourced 2” or 3” schedule 40 pipe to provide a sturdy, cost-effective, and highly scalable solution. The Ground Mount product leverages many of the same components as the IronRidge XR Roof Mount. Installers already familiar with the XR1000 rail and mounting components will find that the IronRidge Ground Mount offers an extremely easy-to-install and intuitive experience.

The IronRidge Ground Mount System supports wide adjustment of tilt angle, foundation size and depth, and module size. These variables can be quickly optimized for cost and performance using the online Ground Mount Design Assistant tool. One of the most critical engineering variables is the array size. For example, using 5-high columns in landscape significantly increases the number of modules per pier compared to 4-high columns, saving on pipe and concrete.

Heavy Duty XR1000 Mounting Rails

The IronRidge ground mount system uses their XR1000 mounting rails. The XR1000 rail is considered a heavyweight among solar mounting rails. The curved shape of XR1000 increases vertical and lateral strength, while also resisting bending and twisting. This unique curved profile unique to XR Rails resists uplift, protects against buckling and safely and efficiently transfers loads evenly into the mounting structure. Modules are attached using familiar topdown clamps or under clamps. The superior spanning capability of the XR1000 requires fewer piers or piles, reducing the number of pipes and the amount of installation time. The curved design of the XR Rail inherently increases its strength making it practically impervious to strong wind and heavy snow loads. These rails are built to handle extreme climates and can span 12 feet or more.

Durable Long-Lasting Components - 20 Year Warranty

Every component of the IronRidge Ground Mount has been tested to the limit and proven in extreme environments. The XR1000 Rail and weather-proof attachments provide the durability and versatility to handle virtually any residential or commercial ground mount PV application. IronRidge backs up these components with 20 years of warranty protection.

durable rails 
Rugged Construction

Engineered steel and aluminum components ensure durability.
pe certified ridge 
PE Certified
Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states.

Complete Ground Mount Solar Systems w/ Ironridge Mounts

Solar Electric Supply supplies and designs IronRidge mounted residential solar systems, commercial solar systems and industrial solar systems at a low wholesale price. Contact us toll-free at (877) 297-0014 for reviews or a quote.

easy assembly 
Simple Assembly
Just a few simple components and no heavy equipment.
array design 
Design Software
Online tool generates engineering values and bill of materials.
UL 2703 flexible design 
Flexible Architecture
Multiple foundation and array configuration options.
20 year warranty 
20 Year Warranty
Twice the solar panel mount protection offered by competitors.

IronRidge Ground Mount Substructure

Top Caps
top caps

Anchor, flash, and mount with all-in-one attachments.

• Ships with all hardware
• IBC & IRC compliant
• Certified with XR Rails

Rail Connectors
rail connectors

Drop-in design for rapid rail attachment.

• High-friction serrated face
• Heavy-duty profile shape
• Clear & black anodized finish

Diagonal Braces
diagonal braces

Raise flush or tilted systems to various height.

• Works with vent flashing
• Ships pre-assembled
• Lengths from 3” to 9”

Schedule 40 Pipe
Schedule 40 pipes

Tilt assembly to desired angle, up to 45 degrees.

• Attaches directly to rail
• Ships with all hardware
• Fixed and adjustable

Rail Assembly

XR1000 Rails
XR1000 Rail

Slide in clamps and secure modules at ends of rails.

• Mill finish & black anodized
• Sizes from 1.22” to 2.3”
• Optional Under Clamps

Top-Down Clamps
top-down clamps

Attach and ground modules in the middle of the rail.

• Parallel bonding T-bolt
• Reusable up to 10 times
• Mill & black stainless

Under Clamps
under clamps

Ground system using the mounting rail’s top slot.

• Easy top-slot mounting
• Eliminates pre-drilling
• Swivels in any direction


Provide a finished and organized look for rails.

• Snap-in Wire Clips
• Perfected End Caps
• UV-protected polymer


IronRidge Ground Mount System Documentation

info IronRidge Ground Mount Datasheet info Ground Mount Engineering Design Guide
info IronRidge Ground Mount Configurations Tech Brief info IronRidge Ground Mount Installation Manual
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