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Commercial Solar System Projects

Sloped-roof, flat-roof, ballasted & ground-mount solar system project examples.

Since 1996, Solar Electric Supply has designed and delivered thousands of complete, packaged solar electric photovoltaic commercial systems all over the world! Our commercial solar systems include solar panel mounting systems for metal, composite, ballasted or tile roofing materials on sloping or flat commercial roofs. We also provide solar panel ground mounting systems with many options. Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance.

IronRidge ground mounted solar system
175 KW IronRidge Ground Mount

REC 72-cell solar panels w/ HiQ Solar inverters mounted to an IronRidge Ground Mounting System.

Self-Ballasted Solar System
485 KW Self-Ballasted System

REC solar panels w/ Advanced Energy inverter & self-ballasted ground mount. Bethany Beach, Delaware

Lake Shastina Golf Course
283 KW Golf Course System

Canadian Solar solar panels, SMA Sunny Tripower Inverters & IronRidge solar panel ground mounting system. Lake Shastina Golf Course, CA

Martha's Vineyard
294 KW Ground Mount System

This pile driven ground mount system uses 1200 245 watt Trina solar panels. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Kauai Kona Solar
110 KW Coastal Sloped-Roof System

Sloped-roof mounted system using 450 microinverters in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

solar carport
90 KW Carport Mounted System

Trina solar panels installed over multiple carports with Sunny Boy inverters. Huntington Beach, California

tilt-up tile trac metal roof
49 KW Metal Tilt-Up Solar Project

Sharp & REC solar panels w/ Prosolar Tile Trac and Tilt-Up Kit. Gilroy, CA

Commercial Storage Building
43 KW Commercial Storage System

Sharp solar panels w/ SolarWedge mount and Tilt-Up Kit. Stockton, CA

40 KW Condominium Solar System

Unirac SolarMount on sloped roof. w/ Trina Solar panels Jackson, California

kauai sanyo flat roof solar system
40 KW Hawaii Solar System

Flat-roof mounted Sanyo solar system w/ SMA Sunny Tower ST-42 Kauai, Hawaii

Sunset Animal Hospital
33.6 KW REC / PV Powered System

Flat-roof mounted solar system w/ REC solar panels and PV Powered inverter on Sunset Animal Hospital. Fairfield, CA

Marshall Islands US Army
30 KW Hybrid Solar/Diesel Genset

SMA Sunny Island Multicluster and Deka Battery Spacesaver for the US Army. Marshall Islands

IronRidge ground mounted solar system
20 KW CalTrans Flat Roof System

Sharp Solar panels mounted on a flat metal roof with tilt-up kit. Gilroy, CA

Self-Ballasted Solar System
16 KW Flat Metal Roof Solar System

Flat standing metal seam roof with 2 Fronius IG Plus inverters for Forest Street Mini Storage. Gilroy CA

12 KW Wisconsin Community Center
12 KW Wisconsin Community Center

Sharp solar panels mounted on a sloped roof w/ tilt-up kit. Wisconsin

12kw Project at Sams Chowder House
12 KW Sam's Chowder House Restaurant

Sanyo solar panels mounted on a flat-roof with tilt-up kit. Half Moon Bay, CA

Gault School
7 KW Gault School Solar System

Sharp solar panels mounted on a sloping standing seam metal roof. Santa Cruz, California

School Library Solar System
30KW Garfield School Library System

REC Peak Energy black frame solar panels feed a SolarEdge optimizer inverter system in Carbondale, CO.

1 KW Flight Path Warning System

Solar battery powered MAPPS systems are designed for the US Air Force. Kentucky

Remote pole mounted system
Outdoor Solar Gas Meter System

Pole-mounted utility smart gas meter reader MDS radio communication system. PG&E, California

2 megawatt solar farm

2 MW Solar Farm SES supplied components for this solar farm in Italy.

ballasted solar system
18 KW CalTech Pasadena Roof Ballasted Solar System

SES worked directly with the Caltech Pasadena Graduate students on a 18 KW solar commercial ballasted system. Pictured are students assembling the ballast mount.


The completion of the ballasted solar system with SMA inverters and a Unirac G-10 ballasted solar mounting structure was a proud moment for those involved in the project.

Solar Electric Supply Commercial Solar Grid Tie Projects List

  • 1.8 mW Grid Tie System, Utility Scale Multi-pole Mount Design, Italy
  • 1.5 mW Grid Tie System, Utility Scale Ground Mount Design, Italy
  • 485 kW Grid Tie System, US National Guard Ballasted Ground Design, NJ
  • 100 kW Grid Tie System, Multi Tenant Condo Complex, Huntington Beach, Ca
  • 50 kW Grid Tie System, Rural Farm Ground Mount Design, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • 42 kW Grid Tie System, Multi Tenant Condo Complex, Jackson, Ca
  • 32 kW Grid Tie System, Commercial Office Complex, Boston, MA
  • 42 kW Grid Tie System, Oil/Gas Distributor Warehouse, Lihue, HI
  • 46 kW Grid Tie System, Senior Care Facility, Stockton, CA
  • 30 kW Grid Tie System, Residential Ground Mound , Thousand Oaks, Ca
  • 20 kW Grid Tie System, Residential Ground Mount, Paradise, PA
  • 24 kW Grid Tie System, Water District Ground Mount, Gardnerville, NV
  • 18 kW Grid Tie System, Caltech Physics Dept Student Project, Pasadena, CA
  • 42 kW Grid Tie System, Santa Monica Mountains Park, Malibu, Ca
  • 28 kW Grid Tie System, University of Central Florida, Orlando
  • 10 kW Grid Tie System, Commercial Flat Roof, Boston, MA
  • 38 kW Grid Tie System, Sloped Metal Roof, Sunnyvale School, California

Solar Electric Supply Remote Off-Grid Industrial Solar Projects List:

  • 30 kW Hybrid solar diesel genset system for Multiple 2 kW MAPPS Class I Div II Solar systems for gas wellhead monitoring
  • AC coupling system with 30 kW Sunny Island. US Army, Marshall Islands.
  • 70+ MAPPS OB Series system for Utility Towers, Southern California Edison
  • Multiple Hybrid Systems for AT&T Wireless, Verizon+ for Cellular Repeaters
  • Multiple Hybrid PV Genset Systems for SAIC/US Army Kwajalein-Marshall Islands
  • Multiple Stand Alone Systems for Bechtel/Dept Of Energy Nevada Test Site
  • 100+ Stand Alone Systems for US Army, South Korea, Seismic Monitoring
  • Multiple Hybrid Stand Alone Sites, Dept of Information Svcs, State of Nevada
  • Multiple Trailer Systems, US Air Force, EG&G, China Lake NWF
  • Multiple Helicopter Transportable Stand Alone Systems, US Navy
  • Multiple Hybrid Systems for Microwave Repeater Network, So Cal Edison
  • Multiple Hybrid Systems for Radio Repeaters , Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Multiple MAPPS Systems for Glide Path Warning Lights, US Air Force Kentucky
  • 1000+ MAPPS Class I Div II systems for Remote Monitoring, Williams Gas Pipeline
  • 300+ MAPPS Systems for GPS Network, UC San Diego, Caltech Pasadena
  • 100+ MAPPS for Security Lighting, City of Albuquerque system at a US Air Force base in Kentucky
  • 1000+ MAPPS Systems for Tower Obstruction Lighting, Various Utilities/Telcos
  • Multiple MAPPS Stand Alone Systems, Boeing Test Site, New Mexico
  • Multiple MAPPS Stand Alone Systems, Textron Defense Systems, Texas
  • 50+ MAPPS Systems for NASA, Stennis, Marshall, Kennedy Space Centers
  • 100+ MAPPS Tower Obstruction Lighting Systems, Dominion Power, Virginia

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