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ProSolar GroundTrac

ProSolar GroundTrac Solar Panel Mounting System

High-strength, easy to install ground mount for home and commercial solar panel systems.

ProSolar GroundTrac solar panel mounting system

Ground Trac® Patent #6,360,491

ProSolar GroundTrac Made in USA

Designed with graded or flat ground mount solar panel systems in mind, ProSolar GroundTrac® is The Original "Top-Down" PV Mounting System for Ground Applications. Ground Trac integrates with the self-bonding, patented RoofTrac mounting system and is a trusted choice for ground-mounted residential and small to medium-scale commercial solar panel systems.

ProSolar GroundTrac is the solar industry’s preferred low cost and easy to install ground mount system.

residential GroundTrac mounted system

• Over 20 years of ProSolar’s proven design
• Aluminum and stainless steel components for corrosion, resistance and strength
• 1-1/2" Schedule #40 galvanized water pipe design is low cost and readily available
• Integrates with the self-bonding, patented RoofTrac® system
• Features UL2703 listed RoofTrac® Rail Clamping Technology
• Proprietary Drop-N-Lock rail insert drops in and locks ProSolar GroundTrac rails in place
• Pre-engineered and tested for easy permitting
• No cross-bracing required
• Exposed surfaces are fully anodized aluminum for an aesthetically pleasing, attractive appearance
• Each system engineered and load tested to 110 mph wind equivalent per 2013 CBC / 2012 IBC / ASCE 7-10

Easy GroundTrac Installation

RoofTrac Rails
ProSolar Drill Guide is used to align top of rails with holes.
RoofTrac Rails
Drop-N-Lock insert is placed in rail with a U-bolt.
RoofTrac Rails
Rails are tightened to the Schedule 40 pipe.
RoofTrac Rails
The GroundTrac is perfectly aligned using RoofTrac rails.

GroundTrac accommodates 124”, 136" & 164" RoofTrac rail spans:

GroundTrac 124 and 136 inch rail mounting review
GroundTrac 164 inch rail mounting review

124” x 2-1/2” Deep Channel Rail and 136” x 2-1/2” RoofTrac® Support Rail

• 6 foot on center max (est. 30 psf snow load)
• 10 foot on center max (non-snow load)

164” x 3” RoofTrac® XD Support Rail

• 8 foot on center max (non-snow load)

GroundTrac system in backyard

ProSolar GroundTrac Documentation

View FileProSolar GroundTrac Brochure

View FileProSolar GroundTrac Installation Manual

ProSolar RoofTrac Support Rail Review


ProSolar GroundTrac Mounting System Parts

Drill Guide with Bit
GroundTrac Drill Guide Base & Drill Bit
Hollaender Pipe Tee
Extended Barrel Hollaender® Pipe Tee
Universal Self-Bonding Splice Assembly
Universal Self-Bonding Splice Assembly
Self-Bonding Mid Clamp Assembly
Self-Bonding Mid Clamp Assembly
End Clamp Assembly
End Clamp Assembly
Module Bonding Mid-Clamp Bonding Nut
Module Bonding Mid-Clamp Bonding Nut
End Clamp Bonding Channel Nut
End Clamp Bonding Channel Nut
Ilsco SGB-4 Grounding Lug
Ilsco SGB-4 Grounding Lug
Microinverter/Optimizer Bonding Channel Nut
Microinverter/Optimizer Bonding Channel Nut

residential ground mounted solar system
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