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DPW Power-Fab Multi-Pole Adjustable Solar Panel Ground Mounts

DPW Power-Fab MPM-G2 Multi-Pole Ground Mounting System

DPW Solar

DPW Solar MPM-G2 seasonally adjustable PV Solar Ground Mounting System

The DPW Solar MPM-G2  ground mounting system is manually adjustable, requires few penetrations, with factory design and engineering support available.

We can save you a significant amount versus list price from DPW Solar.

Multi-Pole Mounts G2

PV Solar Ground Mounting System Seasonally Adjustable

DPW MPM-G2 Mount

Power-Fab® Multi-Pole PV Mounting (MPM-G2) System

The POWER-FAB MPM-G2 ground mountis designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting structure for PV modules on a single row of vertical pipe. The module specific design reduces the number of components and provides for an easier assembly. The MPM-G2 utilizes high strength welded steel components and corrosion resistant hardware for long term reliability. Seasonal adjustability for maximizing production is provided by nine positive locking tilt angle settings.

Maximum Strength - Durable Design

  • Designs available to withstand up to 130 MPH wind zones
  • MIG welded steel pipe caps and rail brackets with powder-coat finish
  • Stainless steel module mounting hardware
  • 6000 series structural Aluminum mounting rails
  • Stainless steel module clamps
  • Stainless steel rack assembly hardware

Application Flexibility

  • Several sizes available from 2 through 4 modules high in landscape orientation
  • Structures designed for standard 3", 4" or 6" Schedule 40 or 80 vertical steel pipe and 4" x 4" square or 5" x 4" rectangular horizontal steel tube (Installer Supplied)
  • Ideal for shade and carport structures
  • Capable of significant ground clearance
  • Adjustable elevation brackets available with 0°, 10°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 35°, 40°, 45° and 55° positive locking tilt angles.

Ease Of Assembly - Reduced Labor Costs

  • One row of vertical pipe reduces ground work
  • Fast top-clamping module attachment
  • Fewer ground penetrations than traditional ground mounts
  • DPW Power-Fab RAD™ Twist-In bolts that Lock-in-Place
  • 0° Tilt setting to ease module installation
  • WEEB grounding option