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Residential Grid Tie Solar System Projects

Since 1996, Solar Electric Supply has delivered thousands of complete, packaged home solar electric systems all over the world.
These are pictures of some of our residential solar system projects (thank you for the pictures!).

Residential Solar Electric Grid Tie Systems

Solar Electric Supply Projects: Sloped Roof Composition Shingle Solar Systems

Home Solar System
grid tie system

SES 7 kW Schuco Solar residential system, installed by SES Authorized Contractor on a home in Roseville, California
log cabin

SES 4.6 KW sloped roof system using Sanyo-Panasonic monocrystalline solar panels in Hawaii.
sanyo system

SES 20 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar residential system installed on a home in Monroe, Louisiana

SES 20 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar system with Prosolar Rooftrac & Fastjacks, Louisiana
10 kw solar system

SES 10 kW Sharp Solar residential system installed by an SES Authorized Contractor, Maryland
REC SolarEdge Ground Placerville

REC TwinPeak 2 BLK2 solar panels with SolarEdge Optimizers and ProSolar mount, Placerville, CA.
quick mount

Quickmount QMSC supporting an SES 10 kW Sharp Solar system with Prosolar rail system, Maryland.
Sharp Solar System

SES 6 kW Sharp Solar residential system, with Prosolar Rail system, do it yourself homeowner, Nevada

SES 5 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar residential system, New Jersey
prosolar r136

SES 5 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar home system, with Prosolar Rail R-136, comp shingle with Fastjacks, New Jersey
prosolar rails

SES 5 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar system in New Jersey showing the front view of Fast Jacks and rails on the sloped roof
prosolar fast jack

Close-up of Prosolar Rail Splice and grounding jumpers, Fastjack with flashing on composition shingle
4400 DC watt Sanyo HIP-N220A01  Roof Mounted Solar System installed in Hawaii by JAM Electrical, INC.

4400 DC watt Sanyo HIP-N220A01 Roof Mounted Solar System installed in Hawaii by JAM Electrical, INC.

SES 4.2 kW Sharp Solar residential system, with Prosolar Rail system, Fastjacks with flashing, Sonora, California

SES 20 kW Sanyo Solar home system with Prosolar Fastjacks on composition shingle roof
5.6 KW SES Schuco Solar System with Custom Engineered Racking System

Garland Texas first Grid-Tied Solar System Engineered and Installed by talented Homeowner
"Purchased my components from you on May 28th, 2010. Commissioned my 6kw system last week and could not be happier. We have been having a string of sunny days this last week and I average about 38kw production a day. Your assistance was great and no-one was able to beat your prices for the equipment I purchased. Attached is a picture of my array that I completed about 95% myself. "
R Roeder, California
"PGE finally came out and installed the Net Meter yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks for all your assistance during the project. A lot of companies wouldn't be as helpful after the system was already purchased. The system is working great. If I can ever be a reference for Solar Electric Supply, please don't hesitate to list my name and number. Your company defines the term "Excellent Customer Service"."
R Pittman, California
Solar Electric Supply Projects: Residential Flat Roof Solar Systems with Tilt Up Kit

Home Solar System
Sanyo Panasonic

SES 4 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar residential system, with Prosolar Tlt up Kit, Tile Tracks

SES 8 kW Sharp Solar home grid tie system, with Prosolar Solarwedge 15 degree tilt kit.

SES 4 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar residential system, with Prosolar Tilt Up Kit, on flat roof, Larkspur, California
Sanyo Flat Roof

Sanyo Panasonic Solar home system, with Prosolar Tilt Up Kit and Unistrut base, Marin County, California
Solar Electric Supply Projects: Spanish & Cement Tile Roof Installations
spanish tile

SES 6 kW REC Solar residential system, Spanish tile with Creotec mounts, Prosolar rails, Mission Viejo, California

REC Solar modules secured to Prosolar rails and Creotec supports over Spanish Tile , General Contractor self-install.
creotec hooks

REC Solar system with Creotec supports installed, tiles replaced, then Prosolar rails are bolted to Creotecs.

Spanish S Tile roof solar installation. Tiles removed, Creotec supports lagged to rafters.
Solar Electric Supply Projects: Sloped Metal Roof Solar Systems
metal roof

SES 4 kW Kyocera Solar by SES Authorized Dealer , sloped metal roof with Prosolar Tilt Up Kit, Gardnerville, Nevada

SES 10 kW Kyocera Solar home power system on steel roof over barn, do it yourself homeowner, New Jersey
metal roof barn

SES 10 kW Sharp Solar system for residential power. Steel roof barn with Prosolar Rail mounting system, Williamstown, New Jersey
standing seam s-5

SES 16 KW Sharp Solar System on standing metal seam roof, Prosolar Solarwedge system, Pennsylvania
standing seam Hawaii

Solar Electric Supply has supplied hundreds of residential solar systems to Hawaii. This Sanyo system was installed by a top SES Authorized Contractor in Kauai, HI.

SES 10 kW Kyocera Solar system showing roof overhang and conduit output, New Jersey
"The system is working much better than our wildest dreams. Thanks so much for all your help. Attached are some final photos.
Also is an attached spreadsheet taken daily of nightly readings so far with plots of usage....
Also, two gentlemen from work asked me for your web address after telling them about our system. David and John.
They sounded like they'd be contacting you for Solar system info and possible system purchases.
Thanks again and good luck with your SOLAR business adventures...."
F Holdener, California

Solar Electric Supply Projects: Ground Mounted Installations with ProSolar Groundtrac

SES 10 kW Solarworld PV System, Prosolar Groundtrac system, sloped hillside, Murphys, California.

Prosolar Groundtrac system installation, Solarworld 10 kW array, Murphys, California.

Prosolar solar ground mounting structure with user supplied Schedule 40, 1.5" galvanized steel pipe.

SES Schuco Solar 5 kW ground mount home system, Prosolar Ground Trac, Cool, California.

SES 5 kW Sharp Solar system, ground mounted with Prosolar Ground Trac, Bermuda Island.

SES 7 kW Schuco Solar home power system, showing snow does not stay on modules, Bridgeport California.

SES 12 kW Schuco Solar Ground Mount residential system, El Dorado, California.
u bolt ground mount

SES 20 kW Sharp Solar home power system, Prosolar Ground Trac modified, Gilroy, California.
u-bolt ground mount

SES 20 kW Sharp Solar system, Prosolar U Bolt Assembly with 164" XD rails, spliced, ground mount, Gilroy, California.
A-Tee Fitting

Prosolar Ground Trac mounting system with A-Tee fitting for 1.5" steel pipe and Module end clamps.
20kw ground wire WEEB

Sharp Solar home system showing wire routing and grounding with WEEB ground lugs.
backyard ground mounted system

SES 3 kW Sharp Solar backyard home power system, ground mounted, Rocklin, California.
DIY ground mount

SES 10 kW Sharp Solar residential system, by a DIY homeowner, New Jersey.

Sharp Solar 7 kW residential ground mounted system on sloped backyard, San Diego, California.
Kyocera with Prosolar Ground Trac

SES 30 kW Kyocera Solar array with Prosolar Ground Trac. Residential solar power system, Simi Valley, California
ground mount install

Installation of Ground Trac system on hillside, Sharp Solar, San Diego, California

SES 6 kW Sanyo Solar system with custom ground mount design. Home solar system installed in Kauai, Hawaii.
Ground mount Hawaii

Creative solar racking design for ground mount system, Kauai, Hawaii.
sharp solar backyard

SES 2 kW Sharp Solar system, ground mount in backyard with Prosolar mount and Fronius inverter, Dallas, Texas.
SMA 7000 inverter

Three SMA 7000 Inverters with shade structure, 20 kW ground mount system in Temecula, California
sharp 20 kw

Sharp Solar 20 kW Ground mount ranch system with Prosolar Ground Trac , Temecula, California
kyocera solar system ground mount

Kyocera Solar 7 kW residential ground mounted PV system, Napa, California
Buellton grountrac system

SES 7.28 kW ground-mounted solar system using REC solar panels in Buellton, CA
Solar Carport Installations

SES 10 kW Sharp Solar System on Carport, Redding California
car port

Solar carport with dual SMA SB 5000 inverters, Redding, California

"I legally turned my system on today finally. The paperwork involved took longer than the actual construction. Thanks for all your good advice."
S Schroer, New Jersey

Home Solar System

Solar Electric Supply Projects: Pole Mounted Installations

SES 10 kW Sanyo Solar system, Direct Power top of pole mounts, pharmacy in Sharpsburg, Maryland.
top of pole solar system

SES 7 kW Sanyo Solar system with DPW top of pole mounting structures for a home in California.
sanyo pole mount solar system

Direct Power top of pole mounts for a 7 kW Sanyo Solar residential solar array.
Solar Electric Supply Projects: Solaredge Inverter Installations
solaredge solar system

SES 8 kW Schuco Solar system with Solaredge dual SE-3800 inverter, all mounted on Ground Trac, Pennsylvania.

Wiring up the Solaredge MPPT optimizer that mounts under each module, backyard DIY home solar system.

Dual Solaredge SE-3800 inverters mounted on North side of Schuco Solar PV array, Pennsylvania

Schuco Solar and Solaredge home power system, solar inverter load center, Pennsylvania
Solar Electric Supply Projects: Solar Inverter Installation Pictures
sunny boy sma 6000

SMA SB 6000 US residential solar power installation, San Juan Bautista, California.
sunny boy inverter system

Dual SMA SB 5000 US inverters, outdoor installation with Solar AC disconnect and main panel.
sma 3000 inverter

SMA 3000 US inverter with nice wire management, Rocklin, California.

Indoor installation of SMA 3000 US with solar production meter, 3.6 kW PV home power system, Massachusetts.

Indoor installation of two SMA 5000 US inverters, SES 12 kW home PV system, Auburn, California.

Outdoor dual SMA 5000 US inverter with shade structure, Redding, California.
inverter wiring

Close up of SMA 4000 US wiring for a 4 kW residential PV system.
Fronius IG 11.4 inverter

Fronius IG 11.4 inverter installed outside a home in New Jersey with solar disconnect.

SB 5000 US installed nicely in a backyard solar home installation.
generator switch

SMA SB 4000 US solar inverter with generator transfer switch, Grass Valley, California

Two SMA 7000 US solar inverters installed inside the house, Michigan.
sma 3000 hawaii

Hawaii installation of SB 3000 US with solar disconnect and main panel that is flush mounted.

SMA 5000 US outdoor inverter with AC solar disconnect, Maryland.
fronius iG 4.0 inverter

Fronius IG 4.0 installed indoors, Bakersfield, CA.
Solar AC Disconnects, production meters, combiners, junction boxes, conduit runs

Home Solar System
midnite solar

12 kW PV system with Square D solar DC disconnects and Midnite Solar array combiner, Tracy, California.
square d disconnect

Square D 30 Amp solar AC disconnect used in smaller residential PV home systems.
main panel

Main house panel with signage indicating backfed solar breaker.

Safety labeling on solar conduit runs.
j box

Solar array outdoor junction box for routing solar wiring into conduit.

Square D HU 361 RB solar DC disconnect used in indoor inverter installations.
midnite solar combiner

Midnight solar combiner box used in outdoor ground mounted home solar system, Vista, CA
first kilowatt hour

First Kilowatt Hour generated by solar on solar SMUD production meter, Antelope , California

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