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Renusol Ballasted Roof Mounts for Flat Roofs

Renusol CS60 Ballast Mount

Renusol Solar Mounting Systems

The Renusol CS60 is a ballasted, non-penetrating solar mounting system

The Renusol CS60 solar roof mounting system offers easy installation for most current PV modules and is an innovative one piece solar mounting system for flat roof applications. It is a one piece PV mounting system for flat roof applications available in 10° and 15° tilts. The product is made from a 100% recycled high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE).

This durable system transports easily and sets up quickly. Most projects require minimal ballast and no roof penetration. One PV module mounts directly to one Renusol CS60; no complex project design or complicated assembly required.

The universal base design accommodates all common PV modules. The mounting system requires no grounding since it is made of non-conductive material. Project design can be customized to meet a needed standard roof pressure. The simplicity and durability of the Renusol CS60 saves installation time and reduces overall project costs.

Renusol also manufactures pitched-roof solar panel mounts.

Renusol CS60 Mounting System

The Renusol CS60 Benefits

Quick, Easy and Cost Efficient Install

  • Complete Kit In 1 Box
  • Installs Quickly With Minimal Parts
  • One Renusol CS60 - IPV Module
  • PV Panel Mounts Directly To Renusol CS60
  • Durable, Non Conductive Material


  • Simple To Design Projects
  • Fits Common Aluminum Framed PV Modules
  • Stackable, Easy to Move and Ship
  • Design Customizable To Meet Roof Pressure Limitations

Reliable and Environmentally Sound

  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable
  • Impact and UV Resistant
  • Most Comprehensive Wind Tunnel Testing To Date (up to 150 mph)
  • Integrated Air Foil Minimizes Ballast

Safety and Security

  • Wire Management Channels
  • No Trip Hazards Between Rows
  • Enclosed Ballast Tray
  • Evenly Distributes Weight Across Roof Surface

Product and Project Support

  • Project Specific Engineering Documents
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Made In America
    Made In America

Additional Features 10" Tilt Product

  • Built-in Wire Management Channels with "Z" Notch For Easy Fastening
  • Adjustable East/West Connection To Accommodate Either High Density Installation or Larger Model Needs
Installation Steps
Renusol CS60

Ballasted Mounting System For Flat Roof Applications

Technical Specifications FAQs
Product Name Renusol CS60 10" Tilt Angle Renusol CS60 15" Tilt Angle Are roof protection mats required?
The Renusol CS60 has no sharp edges that contact the roof. Slip sheets may be required if it is needed to increase the friction coefficient.

Is grounding required?
The Renusol CS60 base is made of non-conductive material and requires no grounding.

Is anchoring required?
Projects in seismic areas or modules mounted in high wind zones may require roof anchoring. The Renusol CS60 is designed to easily attach to these anchors.

What material can be used as ballast?
It is recommended to use solid concrete block commonly found at local building supply companies.

Was wind analysis done by computer simulation or physical testing?
Physical testing in a wind tunnel was performed in accordance with ASCE to ensure the Renusol CS60 performs well in the field.

Is the material UV resistant?
The Renusol CS60 base is made of recycled HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) with UV stabalizing agents that give it excellent UV resistant characteristics.

How long is the warranty?
The warranty period is 25 years. See "Renusol America 25-year Limited Product Warranty" for full details.

How many have been installed to date?
Over 1,000,000 modules have been installed with this type of product through our parent company in Europe. The first large scale installations began in 1996.
Image and Dimensions Renusol CS60 10 Inch Tilt Angle Renusol CS60 15 Inch Tilt Angle
System Ballasted flat roof system compatible with optional roof anchoring
Materials 100% Recycled HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
Roof Pitch Range 0° to 5°
Product Weight 19 lbs
Ballast Size Optimized for 4"x8"x16" block but gravel bricks or pavers can be used.
Ventilation Slots on top, bottom and sides
Module Type For PV Modules with Aluminum Frames
Size Range Up to 1020mm Wide and Up To 1685mm Long
Orientation Landscape
Wind Testing Wind tunnel tested in accordance with ASCE 7-05 & 7-10
Warranty 25 Years
Training On-Site Upon Request
Support Telephone, Email and On-Site Engineering Provided

About Renusol

Renusol America is a leading innovator in flat-roofed and pitch-roofed mounting systems for solar PV modules in the US solar industry. Renusol America provides sales, service and customer support from it's headquarters in Atlanta Georgia and operates full-scale warehouse and distribution facilities across the country. In 2011 Renusol America introduced the ground-breaking American made Renusol CS60 - the first one piece mounting system for PV panels - combining a heritage of German engineering with American innovation and production. The company is part of the CentroSolar Group, a publicly traded company on the German stock exchange and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renusol GmbH, a market leader in Europe with more than 600MW of solar power mounted on Renusol Solar Mounting Systems.

Renusol Solar Mounting Systems

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