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MAPPS™ Outdoor Solar LED Lighting Systems

solar outdoor solar LED lighting

MAPPS™ Outdoor Solar LED Lighting Systems

Heavy duty LED street lighting solar systems

MAPPS™ Industrial quality outdoor street light featuring RAB LED lighting with a 5 year warranty

MAPPS™ Solar Area Light series are designed for a wide variety of outdoor area lighting applications where AC power is not available. In partnership with RAB, a leading LED lighting manufacturer, these systems feature outstanding efficiency coupled with a robust design. Heavy duty construction with high quality components means reliable performance for you for those critical outdoor area lighting applications. Select one of our systems below based on the lumen level you want, your run hours and the project location. Call for expert assistance.

MAPPS™ Solar Outdoor RAB LED Lighting System Features & Review

System Features

  • High-quality crystalline solar panel w/ 25-year warranty
  • Aluminum back sheet protects from birds and rocks
  • Four RAB Lighting LED light options: 10W, 13W, 18W, 26W
  • Heavy welded steel construction
  • 5 pole colors available
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Base hinges to facilitate service
  • Galvanized or powder coated finish
  • 5-year warranty on system

LED Lighting Applications

  • Parking lots
  • Pathways
  • Multi-tenant complexes
  • Factories
  • Military bases
  • Schools
  • Marinas

  • Hiking trails
  • Parks
  • Low light security risk areas
  • Vandalism & high theft areas
  • Shopping centers
  • Driveways
solar battery
Weatherproof base keeps battery and circuitry safe from the elements.


A MAPPS™ Outdoor Solar LED Lighting System provides reliable security and safety lighting power where AC power is not available.

solar panel

Weatherproof solar panels and panel mounts ensure long-lasting performance in harsh elements.

MAPPS RAB LED Lighting Specifications

  • LEDs: Multi-chip, high-output, long-life LEDs.
  • Cold Weather Starting: Minimum starting temperature is -40°F ( -40°C).
  • Ambient Temperature: ALED13: Suitable for use in 122°F (50°C) ALED10, 18 and 16: Suitable for use in 104°F (40°C)
  • Thermal Management: Die-cast aluminum system for optimal heat dissipation
  • Housing: Precision die-cast aluminum
  • Mounting: Junction box or surface plate
  • Reflector: ALED10 & 13: Hydro-formed aluminum.
  • ALED18: Semi-specular, vacuum metalized polycarbonate.
  • ALED26: Semi-specular, vacuum hydroformed polycarbonate.
  • Gaskets: High-temperature silicone O-ring gasketed plug.
  • Finish: Proprietary environmentally friendly polyester powder coating that is formulated for high-durability and long-lasting color. Contains no VOC or heavy metals.
  • Color Consistency: 7-Step MacAdam ellipse
  • Color Stability: RAB LEDs exceed industry standards for chromatic stability
  • Color Uniformity: RABs range of CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) follows the guidelines of the American Standard for Specifications for the Chromaticity of Solid State Lighting (SSL) Products, ANSI C78.377-2011.
  • Green Technology: Mercury and UV free. RoHS Compliant. Polyester powder coat finish formulated without the use of VOC or heavy metals.
  • IP Rating: Contact us for IP Ratings.
  • Dark Sky Approved: The International Dark Sky Association has approved these ALED products as full cutoff, fully shielded luminaries.
  • Patents: RAB LED Wallpacks are protected by U.S patents and patents pending in U.S., Canada, China, Taiwan and Mexico.

MAPPS RAB LED Lighting Performance Table

LED Security Light
LED Watts / Input Watts 10w/ 13W 13W/ 15W 18W/ 20W 26W/ 30w
Lumen Output 547 997 2044 2662
Lumens Per Watt 41 65 103 130
HID Equivalency 70W MH 100W MH 150W MH 175W MH
HID Replacement Range 35-100W MH 70-150W MH 100-175W MH 150-200W MH
Surge Protection 1kV 4kV 6kV 6kV

Note: Call for a free design based on your location to estimate solar light run hours.

MAPPS™ RAB LED Pole and Base available in the following colors:


Models & Pricing

Choose the right MAPPS™ Outdoor Solar LED Lighting System for your application.

Choose a system based on your power needs from our table below or let one of our trained associates build a custom system for your project. These are complete pre-wired systems utilizing high efficiency solar modules and sealed battery banks. Our line of complete solar charging systems are built with over 40 years experience. Contact our experts for custom solar LED lighting systems.

Wholesale discount price available for industrial, government and international customers.

Model Solar Wattage RAB LED Light 1 2 to 9 10 to 24 25+
MAP-50-10W Watts 50 Watts ALED10 $4,000 $3,852 $3,720 $3,590
MAP-85-10W Watts 85 Watts ALED10 $4,154 $4,000 $3,856 $3,724
MAP-50-13W Watts 50 Watts ALED13 $4,154 $4,000 $3,856 $3,724
MAP-85-13W Watts 85 Watts ALED13 $4,276 $4,120 $3,970 $3,834
MAP-50-18W Watts 50 Watts ALED18 $4,200 $4,038 $3,890 $3,750
MAP-85-18W Watts 85 Watts ALED18 $4,340 $4,178 $4,030 $3,890
MAP-85-18WX Watts 85 Watts ALED18 $4,640 $4,478 $4,330 $4,190
MAP-135-18X Watts 135 Watts ALED18 $4,614 $4,442 $4,286 $4,140
MAP-135-18WX Watts 135 Watts ALED18 $4,714 $4,742 $4,458 $4,440
MAP-85-26W Watts 85 Watts ALED26 $4,416 $4,252 $4,100 $3,958
MAP-85-26WX Watts 85 Watts ALED26 $4,716 $4,552 $4,400 $4,258
MAP-135-2W Watts 135 Watts ALED26 $4,770 $4,594 $4,430 $4,276
MAP-135-26WX Watts 135 Watts ALED26 $5,070 $4,694 $4,730 $4,576

Note: Systems with X in Model have additional battery capacity.