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Pad & Pole Mounted Solar Systems

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We have the right MAPPS® Remote solar power supply for your application

Complete pole, pad, and ground mounted pre-wired solar power systems.

MAPPS 12 VDC Systems Display

12 VDC Systems

Perfect for small-scale applications, offering durability and reliability in a compact design.

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MAPPS 24 VDC Systems Display

24 VDC Systems

Engineered for larger demands, this system provides robust power for a variety of off-grid applications.

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MAPPS 24 VDC Systems Display

Larger 24VDC, 48VDC and 120 VAC Systems

Our most powerful solution, designed for extensive applications requiring significant power resources.

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Unsure About Which MAPPS® is Right for Your Project?

To find the perfect MAPPS® solar system for your needs, start by calculating your power requirements using our MAPPS® Load Calculator Worksheet. Then, refer to our comprehensive MAPPS Design Guide to determine your solar irradiance zone and select the appropriate MAPPS® system based on your calculated requirements.

The MAPPS Design Guide is an essential resource that walks you through the process step-by-step. Click the button on the right to access the guide now.

MAPPS® Pad & Pole Mount System Specifications

12-Volt MAPPS® Solar Systems

MAPPS® ID Number Solar Array Wattage Battery Amp-Hr Rating Control Amp Capacity Mounting System Design Battery Enclosure Design SES System Price
MAPPS 20-36-12 20W 35 10 Pole POLE 3R $1,356
MAPPS 30-58-12 30W 55 10 Pole POLE 3R $1,498
MAPPS 50-108-12 50W 108 10 Pole POLE 3R $1,710
MAPPS 90-108-12 90W 108 10 Pole POLE 3R $1,774
MAPPS 90-216-12 90W 216 20 Pole POLE 3R $2,461
MAPPS 150-216-12 150W 216 20 Pole POLE 3R $2,920
MAPPS 180-216-12 180W 216 20 Pole POLE 3R $3,107
MAPPS 300-265-12 300W 265 30 Pole POLE 3R $4,704
MAPPS 300-530-12 300W 530 30 Pole POLE 3R $5,387

MAPPS® System Options

DC to DC Converters
For 12V, 24V, 48V loads

DC to AC Inverters
For 120/240 VAC loads

Frangible Couplings
For Aviation

UL-508A Industrial
Control Panel

Battery Charger for Backup

Lighting Control

UL-879 Lighting
Control Panel

On-site Commissioning
& Training

24 Volt MAPPS® Solar Systems

MAPPS® ID Number Solar Array Wattage Battery Amp-Hr Rating Control Amp Capacity Mounting System Design Battery Enclosure Design SES System Price
MAPPS 80-108-24 100W 108 10 Pole POLE 3R $2,692
MAPPS 190-108-24 200W 108 10 Pole POLE 3R $3,176
MAPPS 280-265-24 300W 265 20 Pole POLE 3R $5,927
MAPPS 380-265-24 400W 265 15 Pole POLE 3R $6,207
MAPPS 380-530-24-POLE 400W 530 30 Pole POLE 3R $11,944
MAPPS 380-530-24-PAD 400W 530 30 Ground PAD 3R $11,944
MAPPS 570-530-24-POLE 600W 530 30 Pole POLE 3R $12,819
MAPPS 570-530-24-PAD 600W 530 30 Ground PAD 3R $12,819
MAPPS 760-530-24-POLE 800W 530 30 Pole POLE 3R $13,869
MAPPS 760-530-24-PAD 800W 530 30 Ground PAD 3R $13,869
MAPPS 1140-530-24-PAD 1200W 530 60 Ground PAD 3R $16,231
MAPPS 1140-1060-24-PAD 1200W 1060 60 Ground PAD 3R $23,625

Need to purchase from your local electrical supply house?

Our MAPPS systems are available from these top distributors:.

UPS Electrical Distributors Who Carry MAPPS
P&R Tech Border States Crescent Electric Supply Company Mayer Electric Supply Rexel Independent Electric Supply Sonepar OneSource Distributors Miller Electric Graybar Grainger Elliot Electric Supply CED - Consolidated Electrical Distributors

MAPPS® Applications

Getting your project off the ground seems effortless, when using the SES MAPPS® solar power supply. Simply deliver the load requirements and run time of your equipment to any SES Technical Sales Associate. We use decades of off grid experience to design a system to fit your application. MAPPS® systems include the most recent advances in modules, charge controllers, battery technology and come complete with installation/operations guide and system schematics.

MAPPS® Systems are used in a wide variety of applications including:

Solar-powered security systems

Security Systems

MAPPS® solar systems provide reliable, autonomous power for remote security cameras, motion sensors, and other surveillance equipment. Ensure your security systems remain operational 24/7, even in off-grid locations.

Solar power for tower obstruction lighting

Tower Obstruction Lighting

Keep your towers safe and compliant with reliable solar power for obstruction lighting. MAPPS systems are perfect for powering LED obstruction lights, beacons, and markers on remote towers and structures.

Solar-powered gas pipeline monitoring

Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Our solar solutions are ideal for powering remote gas pipeline monitoring equipment like flow meters, pressure sensors, and data loggers. Maintain constant monitoring of your pipeline infrastructure, even in difficult-to-access locations.

Solar systems for environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Power your remote environmental monitoring stations with MAPPS solar systems. From weather stations to air and water quality sensors, our reliable off-grid power solutions keep your monitoring equipment running continuously.

Other MAPPS® Applications:

  • Wireless Data Solar Systems
  • Solar Security Camera System
  • Solar Powered SCADA RTU Systems
  • Solar for Cellular and Two-Way Radio
  • Wi-Fi & Wi-Max remote Solar Systems
  • Solar Powered Microwave Relay
  • Solar Railroad Signaling Systems
  • Solar Farm system monitoring
  • Rural Development
  • Rural Habitation
  • Solar Street/Area/Sign Lighting
  • Tower Obstruction / LED Beacons
  • Vaccine Refrigeration Solar Systems
  • Telecommunication Solar Systems
  • ITS Intelligent Traffic Control Systems
  • Flow Control & Level Monitoring

MAPPS® System Features

Our MAPPS® systems are designed and built to meet or surpass the highest safety standards in the industry.

We offer turnkey solutions including design, installation, commissioning, testing, and documentation, supported by our engineering expertise and contracting partners. Our team has extensive experience with installations and technical support across remote sites worldwide. Leveraging thousands of systems with vast operational hours, we provide practical insights into photovoltaic applications globally.

Customizable MAPPS solar systems

Customizable Solutions

Our MAPPS® solar systems are highly customizable to meet your specific off-grid power needs. Whether you require a small-scale solution or a high-capacity system, our experienced team will work closely with you to design and configure the perfect MAPPS® setup tailored to your unique application requirements.

Industrial-grade MAPPS components

Industrial Grade Quality

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our MAPPS® solar systems are engineered with industrial-grade components and materials. From high-efficiency solar panels to rugged enclosures and reliable charge controllers, every element of our systems is designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance.

Expert support for MAPPS systems

Expert Support

When you choose MAPPS® solar systems, you gain access to our team of experienced solar professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional support throughout your project. From initial consultation and system design to installation guidance and ongoing technical assistance, our experts are here to ensure your success.

  • Reliable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Install
  • Versatile & Modular
  • Self-Contained
  • Low Voltage
  • No Generator
  • No Trenching
  • Simplified Permit Procedures
  • UL Listed components
  • Being Inspector Friendly
Easy to Install & Customize

MAPPS® are easy to install pad and pole mount solar systems with all the major parts needed for your remote site installation. Special Pricing for Contractors, System Integrators, VAR, OEM, Government, GSA.

Field Proven Experience

Solar Electric Supply is the most experienced remote industrial solar design firm in the United States. More SES MAPPS® systems have been installed word-wide than any other packaged solar system.

Unparalleled Solar Experience

Our staff has over 40 years experience designing reliable solutions to remote power needs. We know and understand battery systems, and our expertise with renewable energy is some of the best.

MAPPS® System Components

Engineered with the finest components in the industry, MAPPS® systems are designed to deliver the highest standard of reliability for any project. Each component has undergone rigorous testing and is suitable for the harshest environments, ensuring trouble-free operation from the very start.


High-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules


  • High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon
  • Meet JPL Block V Durability Criteria
  • Tempered Glass and Aluminum Frame
  • Weather Rated Frame
  • Module Warranty up to 25 Years
  • Multiple mounting possibilities


Field-proven, high-efficiency charge/load system controller


  • Field Proven High Efficiency Design
  • Temperature Compensated Charging
  • Low Voltage Load Disconnect
  • Most Models Class I Div II Approved
  • Easy Access Terminals
  • UL Listed

Gel Cell Sealed

Sealed, maintenance-free gel cell batteries


  • Sealed Maintenance-Free
  • Excellent Deep-Cycling Performance
  • Immobilized Electrolyte, Non-Spillable
  • Transports Easily and Safety Vented
  • High purity lead calcium-tin alloy grids
  • Industry Compliant

Battery/Control Enclosures

Rugged, durable battery and control enclosures


  • Industrial-strength, Durable Design
  • Rugged Aluminum Construction
  • Unistrut Brackets for Pole Mounting
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & Hardware
  • Lockable Compression Latches
  • NEMA 3R Style Filtered, Louver Vents

MAPPS® Mounting Options

Our MAPPS® Systems Include Many Mounting Options Including: Top-Of-Pole, Side-Of-Pole, And Pad Mounts.

MAPPS SPM1-Multi side-of-pole mount for 40-90 watt PV modules
MAPPS® SPM1-Multi Side-of-Pole Mount

Designed for our 40 watt - 90 watt PV modules

MAPPS SPM1-150 side-of-pole mount for 130-150 watt PV modules
MAPPS® SPM1-150 Side-of-Pole Mount

Designed for our 130 watt - 150 watt PV modules

MAPPS SPM2-150 side-of-pole mount for two 130-150 watt PV modules
MAPPS® SPM2-150 Side-of-Pole Mount

Designed to mount two 130 - 150 watt PV modules

MAPPS TPM2 top-of-pole mount for Type C, D, E, F, G, and H modules
MAPPS® TPM2(C-H) Top-of-Pole Mount

Designed for 2 Type C, D, E, F, G, & H Modules.

Side-of-Pole Mounts Features

  • Series 5000 or 6000 mill finish aluminum
  • TIG welded aluminum channel
  • Stainless Steel band clamp (U-bolts fit most pole sizes)
  • Anodized or powder coated available
  • Stainless Steel module mounting hardware
  • Module specific design reduces parts and labor
MAPPS Frangible Mounting

MAPPS® Frangible Mounting Structure

Ideal for Larger Remote Outdoor Systems

Top-of-Pole Mounts Features

  • Can Withstand 90 MPH Winds
  • MIG welded steel strong backs and mounting sleeves
  • Two coats of industrial urethane enamel paint
  • 6000 series structural Aluminum mounting rails
  • Stainless Steel module mounting hardware
  • Zinc plated rack assembly hardware

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