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Commercial Flat Roof Mounted Solar System

Flat Roof Commercial Building Solar Panel Systems

Flush-mounted, tilt-up or ballast mount commercial solar panel systems for flat roofs.

Tilt-Up Penetrated
Self-Ballasted Mount
tilt-up penetrated mount system

· Most popular tilt-up mounting systems
· Mounts available for all types of flat roofs
· Non-penetration options for membrane roofs

flush-mounted system pricing

· Many rail and clamp mounting options
· Low-penetration options span up to 8 ft.
· Options for tar and gravel roofs
· Solar PV mounts for membrane roofs
· Roof mounting for all flat roof types

self-ballasted roof mount

· Low-cost ballasted mounting system
· Very quick and easy to install
· Significantly reduces installation time
· No penetrations required
· Works for all flat-roof solar projects

Trina Solar
Canadian Solar

Commercial Flat-Roof Solar System

Base Price List & Information

System 50 KW 75 KW 100 KW 250 KW 500 KW 1,000 KW PV Module

Each system includes:

Trina, Hanwha or
Canadian Solar
3,526 sq. ft.
5,288 sq. ft.
7,051 sq. ft.
17,628 sq. ft.
35,256 sq. ft.
70,513 sq. ft.
REC $56,350
3,274 sq. ft.
4,911 sq. ft.
6,548 sq. ft.
16,369 sq. ft.
32,738 sq. ft.
65,476 sq. ft.
SolarWorld $64,975
3,342 sq. ft.
5,013 sq. ft.
6,684 sq. ft.
16,710 sq. ft.
33,420 sq. ft.
66,840 sq. ft.
USA, Germany

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Commercial Flat-Roof Mounted Solar Systems since 1996

Only Solar Electric Supply combines professional experience with the finest commercial roof solar systems for flat-roof commercial buildings to deliver unbeatable customer satisfaction at low wholesale prices.

Solar Electric Supply's commercial flat roof mounted solar panel systems are designed for government and industrial flat-roof buildings. We provide only the finest solar power systems from reputable manufacturers in order to ensure quality customer satisfaction. Some of the more popular roof mount options for flat roof solar PV applications are tilt-up penetrated, self-ballasted, and flush mounted. Solar panel mount manufacturers include IronRidge, Prosolar, SnapNrack and Renusol. Popular solar panel manufacturers include REC, Trina Solar, Kyocera, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, Hanwha and S-Energy. Inverters by SMA America, Fronius, SolarEdge and more.

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All commercial flat-roof solar systems include the following:

Other Services Available:

Solar Electric Supply's experienced professional team can assist you every step of the way.

Solar financing assistance, system return on investment reports, solar SREC (PBI) performance-based incentive investigation, installation referral and solar technical training, financial analysis (ROI) solar interconnection, net-metering application assistance and on-site project management.

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Systems are available with grid-tie inverters by the following manufacturers:

grid-tie inverters