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Solar System Battery Backup System Pricing for Grid-Tie and Off-Grid

Low wholesale prices on solar battery backup systems for grid power outages or off-grid solar systems.
solar system battery backup inverter system

Our solar system battery backup systems are an ideal solution to utility power outages or for off-grid battery backup. You can use your existing grid-tied solar system during emergency power outages with these inverter/charger battery backup systems. Build new on-grid or off-grid solar battery backup systems with auto-generator assist available.

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Magnum PAE Inverter System

Magnum Solar System Battery Backup

· Our lowest cost grid-connected battery backup.
· Great for smaller off-grid remote solar systems.
· System pricing from $4,190.

Schneider XW Inverter System

Schneider Battery Based Inverter Systems

· Seamless integration with existing grid-tie system
· Grid-tie capable w/ optional components
· System pricing from $6,148

SMA Sunny Island Inverter System

SMA Sunny Island Battery Based Inverter System

· Ideal for larger off-grid solar systems
· Best for Sunny Boy grid-tie inverter systems
· Made in the USA, Qualifies for ARRA
· System pricing from $9,193

Magnum PAE Systems Include:

· Magnum PAE inverter
· MidNite Solar ePanel
· Remote Control & Auto Generator Starter

The affordable Magnum inverter/charger system is an on-grid or off-grid battery backup solution that is easy to install and program with the included remote. It includes an automatic generator start control for backup generators. This system is also great for off-grid remote solar systems. The included MidNite Solar ePanel has room for an optional MPPT charge controller and PV load breakers.

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Conext XW Systems Include:

· Schneider Conext XW+ NA Inverter
· Power Distribution Panel
· Remote Control & Auto Generator Starter

Our Schneider Conext based systems are the best for seamless integration with an existing utility intertie system or make it grid-tie capable w/ an optional XW-MPPT charge controller and solar panels. Featuring a high surge capacity, Conext XW inverters are known for their robust true sine wave providing clean AC power output. It is easy to program the system remote and genstart controller.

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SMA Sunny Island Systems Include:

· SMA Sunny Island inverter
· MidNite Solar ePanel or Multicluster Box
· Web Box & Auto Generator Starter

Ideal for larger remote off-grid solar power systems. This Sunny Island system is also popular for adding battery backup to an existing Sunny Boy grid-tie solar system. It is fully programmable with auto genstart capability. Remote/PC communication is possible via Web Box. Single-Phase systems utilize a MidNite Solar ePanel, 3-Phase Sunny Island systems include an SMA Multicluster Box.

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