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Orion Pre-Fabricated Scalable Solar Carports

Orion Scalable Solar Carport Structures
Commercial and Utility-Scale Projects

Solar Electric Supply offers the Orion Solar Racking Series Carport Mount System. This Pre-fabricated scalable solar carport structure is a revolutionary system for PV modules on the ground. Orion Solar Racking has brought over 3 years of field experience and special engineering to form unique, patented aluminum base rail and Quickstone technology to enable easier and faster installations.

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Orion Solar Racking

Orion Pre-Fabricated Scalable Solar Carport Structures

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Saturn Series Carport Structure System
  • The structure and components are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated
    to meet/exceed industry standards and prevailing building codes
  • Structures: 2 cars/per unit
  • Power Generation Area/per unit:29 meter square
  • Slope angle: 5 degrees
    • Dimensions
    • Structure Width/per unit~18' (5,500mm)
    • Space Width/per car~9' (2,750mm)/car
    • Structure Height (Front) >9.5' (3,000m)
    • Stucture Height (Back) >8.2' (2,500mm)
    • Structure is scalable to any project size
  • Steel/Galvanizing
  • Concrete piers protect structural steel from vehicle damage
  • Orion solar carports require no roof penetrations and potential maintenance issue
  • Shade structure provides protection from harmful sun/elements
  • Demonstrate "Green" awareness & increase customer/employee loyalty
  • Add car charging unit(s) & increase value for patrons w/ "Plug In Hybrids"
  • Maximize wasted space by generating clean/renewable energy with a solar car park.
  • Earn coveted LEED points
  • Significantly Reduce Complicated Engineering w/Template & Modular Design
  • Product can scale from residential to large commercial applications w/ease
  • Greatly reduce installation time & labor costs w/pre-assembled components
  • Easy minimal assembly w/no dangerous welding required
  • Minimal man hours mean do more w/less time & money





shade structure

Parking Structure

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