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IronRidge Solar Panel Roof Mount System - Wholesale Price

IronRidge Solar Panel Roof Mount Systems

IronRidge XR solar roof mounts are built for solar’s toughest roofs.

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The IronRidge Roof Mount System featuring the XR Rail Family provides the durability and versatility to handle virtually any residential or commercial rooftop. IronRidge builds the strongest roof mounting system in solar. Every component has been tested to the limit and proven in extreme environments. The unique curved profile of XR Rails resist uplift, protect against buckling and safely and efficiently transfer loads into the building structure. Their superior spanning capability requires fewer roof attachments, reducing the number of roof penetrations and the amount of installation time. The curved design of the XR Rail inherently increases its strength while also giving it a modern, attractive look. The XR1000 Rail is also used on the IronRidge Ground Mount.

IronRidge Rails are certified for integrated grounding. The IronRidge Integrated Grounding System bonds solar module frames directly to IronRidge solar panel mounting rails, eliminating the need for separate module grounding parts and procedures. This system eliminates separate module grounding components and procedures, making it very installer-friendly. IronRidge Roof Mount products were tested on flat and sloped roofs in accordance with UL 1703 & UL 2703 test standards to achieve a Class A Fire Rating.

IronRidge FlashFoot2

The IronRidge FlashFoot2 is the strongest way to mount XR Rails to a composition roof.

IronRidge XR Solar Mounting Rail Review

The XR Rail Family offers the strength of a curved rail in three targeted sizes.

strongest rails like iron

Strongest Rails

Longer spans between attachments, fewer roof penetrations.

array design
Class A Fire Rating

Certified to maintain the fire resistance rating of the existing roof.

UL 2703 system module
Integrated Grounding

UL 2703 system eliminates separate module grounding components.

pe certified ridge
PE Certified

Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states.

array design
Simple Assembly

Versatile and adjustable components simplify any array design.

solar panel mount
20 Year Warranty

Twice the solar panel mount protection offered by competitors.

Durable curved rails and reinforced flashings make IronRidge mounting systems fully certified, code compliant and are backed by a 20-year warranty.

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IronRidge XR Attachments



Anchor, flash, and mount with all-in-one attachments.

  • Ships with all hardware
  • IBC & IRC compliant
  • Certified with XR Rails

Slotted L-Feet

slotted l-feet

Drop-in design for rapid rail attachment.

  • High-friction serrated face
  • Heavy-duty profile shape
  • Clear & black anodized finish



Raise flush or tilted systems to various height.

  • Works with vent flashing
  • Ships pre-assembled
  • Lengths from 3” to 9”



Tilt assembly to desired angle, up to 45 degrees.

  • Attaches directly to rail
  • Ships with all hardware
  • Fixed and adjustable

Clamps & Grounding

End Clamps

end clamps

Slide in clamps and secure modules at ends of rails.

  • Mill finish & black anod.
  • Sizes from 1.22” to 2.3”
  • Optional Under Clamps

Grounding Mid-Clamps

slotted l-feet

Attach and ground modules in the middle of the rail.

  • Parallel bonding T-bolt
  • Reusable up to 10 times
  • Mill & black stainless

T-Bolt Grounding Lugs

T-bolt grounding lugs

Ground system using the mounting rail’s top slot.

  • Easy top-slot mounting
  • Eliminates pre-drilling
  • Swivels in any direction



Provide a finished and organized look for rails.

  • Snap-in Wire Clips
  • Perfected End Caps
  • UV-protected polymer

Simplified Grounding w/ the IronRidge Integrated Grounding System

For Greater Safety, Easier Installation & Lower Cost

Traditionally, solar modules are grounded by attaching lugs, bolts or clips to the module frame, then connecting these to a copper conductor that runs throughout the array. This process adds time and cost to the installation, and often results in improper grounding, creating significant long-term safety risks.

The IronRidge Integrated Grounding System solves these challenges by bonding modules directly to the mounting rails. The Grounding Mid Clamp uses “teeth” to pierce through the anodized coatings of both the module frame and the mounting rail. This approach eliminates separate module grounding hardware, and it creates many parallel grounding paths throughout the array, providing greater safety for solar system owners. This forms a secure electrical bond that is repeated throughout the array. The IronRidge Integrated Grounding System has been tested and certified to UL 2703 by Intertek Group plc, and has been proven robust in grounding 60-cell and 72-cell solar modules in a range of sizes and coating thicknesses.

Integrated Grounding System

IronRidge FlashFoot Mount for Composition Shingle Roofs

The IronRidge FlashFoot™ is an all-in-one solar mounting product for composition shingle roofs. It features a dual-mechanical seal and has a secure, easy to install design. Learn more about the IronRidge FlashFoot.

Testing & Certification

The IronRidge Integrated Grounding System has been tested and certified to UL 2703 by Intertek Group plc.

UL 2703 is a proposed UL standard for evaluating solar module mounting and clamping devices. It ensures these devices will maintain strong electrical and mechanical connections over an extended period of time in extreme outdoor environments. The testing process closely mirrors that of UL 1703, the solar module testing standard, including temperature and humidity cycling, electrical and mechanical load testing, and manufacturing quality reviews.

IronRidge XR Roof Mount System Documentation

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