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Extreme EX-580 Battery

Model Number EX-580
Capacity 55 AHr
Length 9 in.
Width 6 in.
Height 9 in.
Weight 38 lbs.

Extreme Solar EX-580 AGM Sealed Battery

SKU EX-580

Extreme EX-580 Sealed AGM Battery

The EX-580 is a maintenance-free AGM battery that combines cycling ability with sealed, spill-proof construction.

Exceptionally reliable, this 12 volt battery is very resistant to cold temperatures. With a porous envelope to hold the electrolyte against the cell plates, gases can't escape, making this absorbed glass mat battery suited for warm temperature applications as well.

EX-580 Benefits

  • Higher efficiency & charge acceptance - ideal for PV systems
  • Resistant to abuse and complete discharges
  • Can deliver 600+ cycles @ 50%
  • Non-spillable and non-hazardous goods for easy transportation

The "Extreme" series AGM batteries
have been discontinued. Please view:
Deka AGM Batteries

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Extreme EX-580 Battery Review

The EX-580 is a medium-sized sealed AGM battery.

Absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery technology has the advantages of sealed gel batteries without the disadvantages. They are like sealed gel in that they will not leak if broken. A unique advantage of these spill proof AGM batteries is they do not have problems with the electrolyte seperating from the plates when they are subjected to abuse.

The Extreme EX-580 AGM Battery is ideal for outdoor solar systems and battery backup, as well as providing consistent quality power for UPS and SCADA systems, switch gear and other stand-by applications.

Contact us toll-free (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance with the Extreme EX-580 battery.