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Virtus II
ReneSola Model Number JC255M-24/Bb
STC Rating 255.0 Watts
PTC Rating 232.6
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.5 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.86 Amps
Frame Color Silver
Origin China
Power Tolerance -0 / +5%
Module Efficiency 15.4 %
Area 17.54 ft²
Weight 41.9 lbs.
Length 64.6 in.
Width 39.1 in.
Height 1.6 in.

ReneSola Virtus II JC255M-24/Bb Solar Panel

SKU JC255M-24/Bb


ReneSola Virtus II JC255M-24/Bb Solar Panel

  • 255 Watt solar panel using DDS solar cells
  • Higher efficiency than multicrystalline modules.
  • Silver anodized weatherproof frame
  • Nominal output power starts at 0%.
  • 25 year linear product warranty..

JC255M-24/Bb Dimensions

JC255M-24/Bb Review

Complete ReneSola JC255M-24/Bb solar panel systems available!

Solar Electric Supply not only supplies ReneSola Virtus II solar panels at a discount price, we also carry complete ReneSola grid-tie systems.

Systems Include:

ReneSola JC255M-24/Bb solar modules
Choice of grid-tie inverter
Roof or ground mount
Schematic and installation support.

Contact us for the latest standard or custom grid-tie ReneSola Virtus II solar systems at a wholesale price.

Renesola solar system

ReneSola Virtus II JC255M-24 Solar Panel Features Review

virtus solar cell Virtus II

The new, breakthrough, Virtus II solar module is an ingenious combination of the high quality and efficiency of Monocrystalline modules, with the lower cost of Multicrystalline modules.

ReneSola’s innovative ingot growth technology improves the uniformity of the grain size and preferred orientation, resulting in higher minor-carrier lifetime and lower dislocation density. The outcome is significantly increased cell efficiency.

The company’s innovative, controlled, DDS production process for the Virtus A ++ wafers produces far fewer defects than conventional multicrystalline silicon wafers. This enables VirtusII solar modules to achieve a 4% higher power output, yet maintain the same LID and CTM loss.


Virtus II Certifications

Vitus II module info

Contact us for discount pricing, solar panel system design or reviews for the ReneSola Virtus II JC255M-24/Bb Solar Panel.