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Model Number HIT-N215A01
STC Rating 215.0
PTC Rating 199.6
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 51.6
Short Circuit Current (A) 5.61
Frame Color Black
Origin US/Mexico
Power % ± 0/10
(W/ft²) 15.86
Area (ft²) 0.0
Weight (lbs) 35.3
Length (in) 62.20
Width (in) 31.40
Height (in) 1.80

Sanyo Panasonic HIT-N215A01 Solar Panels

  • 215 Watt Peak Output
  • Cell Efficiency: 19.0%
  • Module Efficiency: 16.5%
  • Superior Temperature Characteristics
  • Monocrystalline cells for high-efficiency and uniform dark color.
  • Perfect for high-power grid-tie, off grid solar systems and water pumping.
  • HIT Power 215A Solar Panel Technology

The SANYO HIT solar panel line uses solar cells made of a thin single crystal silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.

Proprietary Technology
SANYO HIT solar cells are hybrids, made of thin monocrystalline silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.

Temperature Attributes
As temperatures rise, SANYO HIT solar panels produce more electricity (kWh) than conventional crystalline silicon solar panels at the same temperature.

Usable Equipment
SANYO HIT solar panels have a black anodized aluminum frame, come pre-equipped with an electrically-safe junction box, lead wires, and plug-n-play connectors.

Valuable Features
SANYO HIT solar panels are 100% emission free, have no moving parts and produce no noise. The panels are manufactured to resist wind, fire, and hail. Anti-reflective coatings maximize sunlight absorption. The small size of the panels saves space and helps achieve maximum power from a fixed amount of roof space. The panels weigh less than other solar panels. A unique frame helps installers save space, installation time, and money for structure support materials.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
SANYO HIT solar panels are subject to strict inspections and measurements to ensure compliance with electrical, mechanical, environment and visual criteria. All panels are manufactured in ISO certified factories. SANYO's conservative power output ratings help to accurately predict performance and financial economics to customers.

SANYO panels have Limited 20-Year Power Output warranties with 2-Year Product Workmanship warranties. This model is UL 1703, cUL, and CEC listed.