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ReneSola     Micro Replus

ReneSola Micro Replus Micro-Inverter

The Micro Replus Microinverter from ReneSola is a smart grid-tie micro-inverter developed by Renesola for rooftop and ground mount solar systems, particularly for lower-cost projects with low light or shading issues. Micro Replus inverters increase the total energy output of a solar panel array, especially when covered in shade or debris.

The smart design of ReneSola’s lightweight Micro RePlus™ makes for quick and easy installations and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with its weatherproof cabling and silicone potted enclosure.

The latest addition to the ReneSola Inverter Line, the Micro Replus 250A Inverter was developed with the goal of lowering prices for end users while increasing margins for installers through installer-direct turnkey system solutions. The Micro Replus 250A is a 225 Watt / 240 Volt inverter with a 99.5% efficient MPPT that facilitates a more affordable solar solution to homeowners. The Renesola micro inverter comes with two wires with MC4 connectors and a AC cable with patented connectors to interconnect up to 15 micro inverters in one branch circuit. All the cables are long enough to facilitate a installation with modules oriented in both, portrait and landscape.

Compare the Micro-Replus to the Enphase M215, the specifications are very similar. One difference is other brands require a unique cable harness per module. The Micro Replus inverter does not require this cable harness, making installation easier and less costly.

The ReneSola Micro Replus inverter has an industry leading 25 year power output warranty.

Review and compare these Micro Replus Microinverters:

ReneSola Micro Replus Features Review:

The smart design of ReneSola’s Micro Replus inverters improves solar PV harvesting and reliability. The ReneSolar Micro Replus System includes the micro-inverter, MRG Communications Gateway, and Monitoring Software.

  • Maximum power production; Resilient to dust, debris, and shading
  • MPPT efficiency greater than 99.5%; No single point of system failure
  • Simplified PV system design & installation; Performance monitoring for each PV module
  • Low DC input voltage, resulting in safe installation
home inverter system
Microinverters are for use in any climate
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For Homeowners

  • Maximum power production; Resilient to dust, debris, and shading
  • MPPT efficiency greater than 99.5%; No single point of system failure
  • Easy future expansion; Flexible for various rooftop shapes and orientations
  • Longer life span and lower installation cost.

For Installers

  • Simplified PV system design & installation
  • Performance monitoring for each PV module
  • Low DC input voltage, Resulting in safer installations
The Micro RePlus™ system is just another way ReneSola is revolutionizing the solar PV industry with enhanced technology and lower pricing, making solar more available to everyone.

Micro Replus Micro-Inverter Specifications

Input (DC) Replus-250A Replus-250B
Max. PV-generator Power (Wp) 250 250
Max. DC Voltage (V) 55 55
MPPT DC Voltage Range (V) 22-45 22-45
Max. DC Current (A) 14 14
Max. Units per Branch Circuit 15 12
Output (AC) Replus-250A Replus-250B
Rated Maximum Continuous Output Power(W) 225 217
AC Max. cont. Output Current (A) 1.0 1.2
Nominal AC Voltage / Range (V) 240/211~264 208/186-228
AC Power Frequency / Range (Hz) 60/59.3~60.5 60/58.3~60.5
Power Factor (cosφ) >0.95 >0.95
Over/ Under Voltage Protection Yes
Over/ Under Frequency Protection Yes
Anti-Islanding Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Reverse DC PoIarity Protection Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Peak Efficiency 96.3%
CEC Efficiency 95.0%
MPPT Efficiency >99.5%
ReneSola inverter
The ReneSola Micro-Replus does not require a cable harness.
ReneSola Micro Inverter General Data
Degree of Protection NEMA 6
Technical Information
pdf ReneSola Micro Replus Specifications
pdf ReneSola MRG Gateway Specifications
Power Consumption at Night (W) <0.17
Operation Ambient Temperature -40°F ~ +149°F
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95%
Display LED Indicator
Communication PLC (Power Line Communication)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 9.06x5.44x1.38 in / 230x138x35 mm
Weight 4.4 lbs / 2.0 kg (including cables & connectors)
Compliance UL1741/CSA- C22.2 No.107.1/FCC Part 15 class B , AS4777.2 , AS4777.3

Other Questions You May Have About the Micro Replus Inverter System

1. Can the Micro Replus inverter be used in off-grid systems?
No, the Micro Replus inverter is a PV grid-tied inverter, and can’t be used in off-grid systems.

2. Can Micro Replus inverter work on single phase 110V/120V?
No, it can’t. But micro Replus inverter can work on AC split phase 208V/240V which
phase voltage is 110V/120V, single phase 220V or 230V.

3. Which points should be regarded when designing a grid-tie solar system for the Micro-Replus inverter and a particular solar panel?

There are two points must be satisfied:
1) The open voltage of solar panel should be less than 60V at -40°F (-40°C)
2) The MPPT voltage of solar panel should be in the range of 22-55V.

4. Which accessories would I need for my micro-inverter system?
Each Micro-Replus inverter includes an AC end cable, Micro-Replus Gateway, AC cable, male /female end cap and a male /female connector.

1) AC end cable: Generally, one string of micro-inverters configurate with one piece of
AC end-cable and a female end-cap. If customer purchases micro inverters, the AC
end cables are necessary, otherwise the micro inverters can’t run normally, the
number of AC end cable should be determined by string number of micro inverter.
2) MRG (Micro Replus Gateway): The monitoring device for micro inverters, if
customers want to monitor the PV plants, MRG is necessary.
3) AC cable: Only an Alert Current cable, not including connector, AC cable is just
optional for PV system design of customers.
4) Male/ female end cap: There must be one cap for the end terminal of micro
inverters per string, avoid inverter damage. Selecting male or female end cap
depends on the location of the AC end cable.

Optional Connector:
1) Male/ female connector: This is an optional accessory for system connection.
Female connectors are the standard connectors for the AC end cable. You can freely select male/female connector and AC end cable according to the position of your junction box.

5. Is it easy to install Micro Replus inverters?
Yes, it’s very easy, and micro Replus inverters are practically "plug and play" and are suitable for most installing conditions. Due to the IP67 protection class of the Micro Replus inverter, it will last for decades in virtually any climate.

6. Do micro Replus inverters have a noise?
No, Micro Replus inverters are very silent.

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