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SunEdison Solar Panels

S-Energy Silvantis solar PV modules feature efficient CCz solar cells and long-lasting perfomance.
Silvantis F-Series

SunEdison Silvantis F-Series Solar Panel Benefits:

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  • 72 Continuous Cz (CCz) monocrystalline solar cells
  • Weatherproof anodized aluminum frame
  • US import duty-free, no U.S. countervailing or antidumping tariffs.
  • Salt-mist corrosion resistant
  • Dust and sand tested for desert climates
  • Certified for up to 1,000 volt solar panel system arrays
  • Reliability tested beyond international standards

PID-free panels have a “PID-free” designation on the nameplate label. PID-free modules do not require string grounding and are fully compatible with floating ground transformerless and micro-inverters, as well as with galvanically isolated inverters.

Silvantis F-Series Models:

SunEdison commercial solar system

Solar Electric Supply specializes in large commercial & industrial solar systems.
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SunEdison linear warranty

SunEdison Warranty

  • 10-year limited warranty for materials and workmanship
  • 25-year linear power warranty at STC:
  •  · Year 1: ≤ 3.5% of rated power
     · After year 1: ≤ 0.7% rated power degradation per year

    Silvantis Certifications

    IEC certified by TÜV SÜD:
    - 61215 long-term operation in a variety of climates including snow loading up to 5400 Pa and hail testing
    - 61730 to ensure electrical safety
    - 60068-2-68 dust and sand testing for desert climates
    - 61701 salt mist corrosion resistant Level 1 for marine regions, Level 6 for desert regions
    - 62716 ammonia testing for agricultural environments

    Silvantis F-Series Certifications

    CSA certified to UL 1703 for 1,000 V systems in the US and Canada

    Industry leading PID test conditions:
    - 96 hours, 85C, 85% relative humidity, –1 kV

    Manufactured to AQL 0.4 Level II quality and tested up to 3x beyond IEC standards

    SunEdison CCz technology produces ultra-pure silicon a better way.

    Fluidized Bed Reactor Technology

    Fluidized Bed Reactor or FBR technology produces ultra-pure silicon more efficiently and economically than conventional techniques. During the FBR process, very small particles of silicon called seeds are suspended in a cloud of gas. Silicon in the gas attached to the seeds, forming larger and larger beads which eventually drop out of the gas like rain - silicon rain.

    This FBR technology creates silicon that is 99.9999999% pure. Ultra-pure silicon simply enables more powerful and efficient solar panels. What is great about this technology is it produces efficient monocrystalline cells with 90% less energy than competing technologies.

    CCz FBR silicon beads

    SunEdison's Continuous Czochralski Process (CCz)

    Efficient ingot is manufactured using the "Continuous Czochralski Process (CCz). Silicon is melted with different elements in a process called doping. Most soler cells are make from P-type silicon, which typically has been doped with the element boron. P-type silicon does not produce the optimal solar cell. Conventional processes have difficulty using other dopants thus making P-type the choice of manufacture for most.

    SunEdison's proprietary CCz process enables the creation of N-type silicon doped with the element phosphorus. Solar cells with N-type silicon typically deliver 20%-40% greater power and energy than conventional P-type solar cells.

    The N-type silicon is then formed into a solid purified silicon ingot. This ingot is formed from a single crystal drawn from the pool of molten ingot. This results in a perfect crystalline structure, where all the atoms are precisely aligned for higher efficiency.

    The CCz process allows SunEdison's high-efficiency solar panels to be manufactured with less energy and at a lower cost than other technologies.

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