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Model Number PVI15KW
AC Nominal Power (W) 15000.0
Peak Efficiency 0.958
CEC Weighted Efficiency 0.950
Weight (lbs) 398.0
Height (in) 34.5
Width (in) 26.0
Depth (in) 13.6

Solectria PVI15KW Commercial Grid-Tie Inverter

  • Fully integrated design includes transformer, filters, AC and DC disconnects, DC combiner-fuses
  • Premium overall efficiency
  • Simple setup and connections (connect DC from PV strings and 3-phase AC connections)
  • Precision DSP-controlled Maximum Power Tracking Algorithm
  • High-reliability design, based on 20 years of power electronics products
  • Optional features such as Blizzard-proof disconnect gaskets and positive grounding
  • No night-time standby losses
  • Applications with 10-15kw, 60Hz, 208/240/480 VAC, 3-phase, grid-tied commercial PV systems
  • Multiple inverters can be used together for 20-30kW, 30-45kW, 40-60kW, or larger PV systems
  • Ideal for 20-35kW, 36-54kW, 48-72kW DC STC arrays