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Solar System Size 1 KW
Solar Panels SES-4200J 200 watt
Batteries Deka 8A8D Sealed Gel - 265Ahr
Charge Controller Morningstar TriStar TS-45
Enclosure NEMA 3R Weatherproof
Enclosure Mount Ground Mount
Module Mount Ground Mount

1 KW MAPPS Flight Path Warning Light Solar System - US Air Force Base, Kentucky

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1 KW Flight Path Warning System Solar Battery Powered MAPPS system

This 1,050 Watt MAPPS system was installed at the US Air Force airbase at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It is used to power a laser levelling guidance system that assists the pilots in their landing. It is used primarily in war zones where the pilots need to perform "hot landings" where their glide path is very steep and this system alerts them if they are coming in "too hot". Solar Electric Supply has deployed these systems and systems like this one to Africa for the United Nations and in the Middle East for the US Military.

This system included a battery charger for emergency generator charging, and an outdoor NEMA 3R insulated battery enclosure that is powder-coated white aluminum.

battery powered solar system
A battery charger was added for charging
the batteries with a generator if needed.

This MAPPS Solar System Features:

  • SES rugged industrial solar modules
  • Sealed Deka batteries
  • Morningstar TriStar controller
  • Weatherproof battery/controller enclosure
  • Heavy-duty aluminum mounting structure
  • Color-coded, pre-cut wiring harness
  • Installation manual and system schematics
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support
1 KW Flight Path Warning Solar System
Main Components :
SES Solar Panels
SES-4200J Rugged 200 Watt Solar Modules
(BP equivalent)
SES Solar Panels
NEMA Rated Battery/Component Enclosure
Morningstar TriStar TS-45 Charge Controller
Deka 8A8D 265 Amp Hour Sealed Gel Batteries
Wiring Diagram Solar Electric Supply
Wiring Diagram & Installation Guide
Advanced Energy Inverter System
Solar flight path warning systems designed by Solar Electric Supply are robust and reliable during power outages and adverse weather conditions.

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