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SolarEdge Home Battery and Backup

Highly efficient DC-coupled Battery and Backup Interface

SolarEdge Home Battery Solutions

Discover the revolution in energy storage: the SolarEdge Home Battery Armed with record-breaking efficiency, expedited installation, and industry-leading quality and reliability, this advanced battery system works in harmony with an integrated ecosystem, offering uninterrupted power, round the clock. Keep your essential appliances running with 5kW of continuous power and 7.5kW peak. Even during longer outages, you're covered with 9.7kWh of storage per battery.

In case of a grid power outage, the SolarEdge Home Backup Interface springs into action. Seamlessly connected to the SolarEdge Home Hub inverter and Home Battery, this interface intelligently controls the disconnection of home loads from the grid, providing necessary backup to your home appliances. The flexibility to choose which household loads to back up and a 12-year warranty add further value to this indispensable system.

DC Power Advantage

With DC-Coupled technology, bypass the triple conversion penalty and enjoy up to 10 days of free power each year.

Unleash the power of DC oversizing, soaring up to an impressive 200%.

Optimized for NEM 3.0

Optimized for markets under the NEM 3.0 program in California, the SolarEdge Home Rate Saver configuration presents a battery-only solution that saves energy during the day for use during pricier evening hours.

Faster, easier battery installation – no essential loads panel, backup system, main panel rewiring

More Backup When the Grid is Off

Run power-hungry appliances like HVACs and pool pumps with 5kW continuous power, 7.5kW peak.

Be ready for the storm with Weather Guard, a feature in mySolarEdge designed to automatically charge your battery when severe weather is detected

Our Safest Battery, Now UL9540A Tested

The SolarEdge Home Battery is among the pioneering residential batteries to pass the stringent UL9540A unit-level test for fire safety hazards, enabling worry-free indoor installations.

Solar Edge Battery Installation
SolarEdge Home Battery Stackable w/ 3 Batteries
SolarEdge Home Battery and Storage The SolarEdge Home Battery is a Lithium-Ion battery which consists of 30S1P cells, battery management system (BMS), DCDC converter, optional fire extinguisher, miscellaneous electronics, and protective case.
Solar Edge Home Battery Part #


Usable Energy
(100% depth of discharge)
9700 Wh
Continuous Output Power 5000 W
Peak Output Power
(for 10 seconds)
7500 W
Voltage Range (Vdc) 350-450
Batteries Per Inverter Up to 3
Weight (lbs) 262.4
Dimensions 31.1" x 46.4" x 9.84"
Noise at 1m Distance <25 (dBA)
Compatible Inveters SolarEdge Home Wave Inverter, StorEdge Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology

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