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Alps 230 Watt Solar Panel ATI-2000(230)

SKU ATI-2000
  • 230 watt multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic module
  • High power module using 6in multicrystalline solar cell
  • Bypass diode is attached minimize power reduction caused by shade
  • 60 solar cells and connection in series
  • Using optical low iron tempered glass, EVA resin, module for outdoor use
  • ±5400 Pa testing load, extended test to CNS13972 for wind and snow loads
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Alps ATI-2000(230) Solar Modules

For Grid-Tie Residential Solar Power Systems

ATI-2000(230) Specifications

Alps ATI-2000(230) Solar Panel Specifications

ATI-2000(230) Dimensions

Alps ATI-2000(230) Solar Panel Dimensions
About ATI
The Principals of Alps Technology Inc (ATI) - have been involved in the design, fabrication and distribution of sophisticated electronics since the 1980's. The Los Angeles- based company has, most recently, focused their expertise to produce and distribute superior Photovoltaic (PV) products. With over 12 years as an OEM, manufacturing compact discs (CD's) and personal computers (PC's), ATI was well positioned to enter the emerging PV industry. ATI commenced manufacturing and distribution in 2002 after several years of product design and testing. ATI core products- are the result of development by a group of PV industry professionals who, between them, have over 120 years experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Photovoltaics. ATI products are designed to be used in the harshest of environments. Applications include residential, commercial, industrial and telecommunications. Product types include High Efficiency Cells, Framed Standard Modules, Building Integrated Modules (BIPV) and customized products. Manufacturing Facilities – ATI modules are manufactured in Taiwan, by a well known OEM electronics company, and branded ATI for the US market. Several, brand name, PV manufacturers use the same facility to produce some of their modules. The factory is a state of the art and fully automated facility. Most brands from mainland China still use manual assembly facilities. The quality of ATI modules is superior to lower quality Chinese brands due to their respective manufacturing processes.