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BP Solar 5 Watt Solar Panel BP SX5

  • The BP SX5M is backed by a 12 year power warranty
  • The smallest of BP Solar's SX module series, the BP SX5 photovoltaic module, operates DC loads with small to moderate energy requirements.
  • With 36 multicrystalline cells in series, the SX 5 charges 12V batteries efficiently with an optional charge controller in virtually any climate. Typical commercial applications of this module, which generates nominal maximum power of 4.5 watts, includes remote telemetry, instrumentation systems, security sensors, and signals. The versatile Multimount frame of the SX5M provides great flexibility in mounting. Oriented parallel to the edge and back of the module, its dual channels accept the heads of 8mm or 5/16" hex bolts, allowing the module to be mounted from the side or back. Bolts may be located anywhere along the channels, a configuration which avoids nuts from turning during tightening and allows installation with just one wrench. Output of the SX 5M is via a 4.6m (15 foot) PVC jacketed 1mm2 (AWG 18-2) cable which terminates in a low-profile junction box on the module back. Epoxy-potted in the box, module electrical connections are sealed against corrosion and effectively strain-relieved. The SX5M is intended for single-module applications.

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    BP Solar SX5 5 Watt Multi-Crystalline Solar Panel

    BP SX5 Specifications:

    Model Rating Description Price

    BP SX 5M

    4.5 Watts,
    12V Nominal
    16.5V Peak

    Model: SX5M
    Type: Performance Monocrystalline
    Connection: Jacketed cable
    Frame: Aluminum with tempered glass,
    Peak Power: 4.5 watts, 4 watts warranted


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