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BP Solar 65 Watt Solar Panel BP SX365J

  • The BP 365 J photovoltaic module replaces the BP 365U and is perfect for stand-alone solar systems requiring battery charging. The silicon nitride coated multicrystalline cells achieve efficiency close to mono-crystalline cells due to their low reflection of sunlight at a more affordable price.
  • With 36 114mm x 114mm efficiency-enhanced cells connected in series, the 365J charges 12V batteries (or multiples of 12V) efficiently in virtually any climate with an inexpensive charge controller. Typical applications include remote telemetry, instrumentation systems, radio repeaters, security sensors, water pumps, marine applications, automated gates and land-based aids to navigation. The BP 365J is developed to provide power to remote areas without electrical utility service.
  • A Schottky by-pass diode is built into each 18 cell string. These diodes improve performance in partially shadowed conditions (ie trees, structures, etc.).
  • The Universal Frame model we carry has a high-volume junction box and a very rugged frame. The junction box accepts cable or conduit. Optionally, this box may also be fitted with blocking and bypass diodes, an oversize terminal block that accepts conductors up to AWG #4; standard terminals accept up to AWG #10.
  • The raintight (IP54 Rated) junction box of the BP 365 J is 25 cubic inches and accepts PG13.5 or 1/2" nominal conduit or cable fittings. With its six-terminal connection block, it enables most system array connections (putting modules in series or parallel) to be made right in the junction box.

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BP Solar SX365J 65 Watt Multi-Crystalline Solar Panel

Model Rating Description Price

BP 365J

65 Watts,
12V Nominal
17.6V Peak

Model: SX365J
Type: Multi-crystalline with silicon nitride coating
Connection: Junction box
Frame: Aluminum with tempered glass, rugged universal frame.
Peak Power: 65 watts, 60 watts warranted

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BP 365 J - Universal Frame

BP 365 J universal frame

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