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Enphase IQ8X-BAT Specification banner
Enphase® Inverter Model # IQ8X™-BAT-US
Maximum input DC voltage 79.5 V
Operating range 52.5-74.5 V
Max DC short circuit current 20.25 A
Maximum continuous output power
@240 VAC
315 VA
Peak output power
320 VA
Nominal frequency 60 Hz
Extended frequency range 50–66 Hz
Power factor (off-grid) −1 to 0 to 1
Power factor (grid-tied) −0.85 to 0.85
CEC weighted efficiency 96.5%
Weight 2.3 lbs
Environmental category/UV exposure rating NEMA Type 6/outdoor
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Enphase® IQ8X-BAT™ Microinverter


Introducing the Enphase® IQ8X-BAT™ Microinverter

Meet the Enphase® IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter, a standout addition to modern solar solutions. This powerful microinverter is a part of the well-known Enphase® Energy System™ suite, offering you a simple and efficient way to tap into solar energy. If you're thinking about a full solar setup for your home or property, our wide selection of residential and ground-mounted Enphase ready solar systems are the perfect match for your renewable energy needs.

Designed for efficiency and reliability, the IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter extends the benchmarks set by its predecessors. With a commitment to quality, it undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time and delivers unparalleled performance.

Part of the Enphase® Energy System™ suite, IQ8X™-BAT Microinverters integrate with the Enphase® IQ™ Battery, Enphase® IQ™ Gateway, and the Enphase® App™ monitoring and analysis software.

Enphase® IQ8X-BAT™ Key Features:


  • Complies with advanced grid support, keeping you up-to-date with the latest grid requirements through remote automatic updates.
  • Configurable to various grid profiles and meets CA Rule 21 (UL 1741-SB) standards.

Highly Efficient and Reliable:

  • More than one million cumulative hours of testing, reflecting a steadfast commitment to quality.
  • Features a Class II double-insulated enclosure, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Built-in rapid shutdown compliant with NEC 2014 & 2017, enhancing user safety.
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Integration and Monitoring

The IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter isn't just about harnessing solar power; it's about optimizing it. Seamlessly integrating with the Enphase® App, users gain access to real-time monitoring and analysis software. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with the Enphase® Installer Platform and Enphase® Installer Portal monitoring options, ensuring that your system runs at its peak.

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Solar Electric Supply provides complete systems and design at a low wholesale price! These pre-engineered PV systems include IQ8h or IQ8X-BAT microinverters, roof or ground mounts, Envoy Energy Management Unit (EMU), Q Aggregator™, Q cables™, disconnects and breakers. We support our customers in the US with friendly knowledgeable staff that is here to help with your microinverter solar system questions.

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Enphase® IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter Review

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The Enphase® IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter is at the forefront of smart grid-ready technology and serves as the heart of the Enphase® IQ™ Battery system. An embodiment of efficiency and reliability, this microinverter has undergone over a million cumulative hours of testing, ensuring that it not only meets but surpasses the high reliability standards set by its predecessors. Integrated seamlessly with the Enphase® App for monitoring and analysis, homeowners and installers are given an unparalleled insight into their system's performance. Its Class II double-insulated enclosure, coupled with built-in rapid shutdown compliance (both NEC 2014 & 2017), underlines the product's commitment to safety and durability.

The Enphase® IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter is designed to be always up-to-date, with remote automatic updates catering to the latest grid requirements, making it a robust choice for diverse grid profiles. Its technical specifications, like a peak output power of 320 VA and a CEC weighted efficiency of 96.5%, demonstrate its high-caliber performance. The microinverter is also environmentally resilient, with an ambient temperature range from -40ºC to 60ºC and a corrosion-resistant polymeric enclosure suitable for wet locations. Enphase's trust in the product is further echoed with a generous 15-year limited warranty, ensuring that homeowners and installers alike can rely on the IQ8X™-BAT Microinverter for years to come.

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Founded in 2006, Enphase® has been at the forefront of solar innovation with its pioneering microinverter technology, converting sunlight into a dependable and scalable energy source. Their intelligent microinverters, compatible with almost every solar panel, when combined with their award-winning battery technology, form one of the industry's top-tier clean energy systems. The Enphase® Energy System™ empowers individuals to produce, utilize, conserve, and even sell their own power, supported by an industry-leading app that offers unparalleled data and control.

A testament to their impact, Enphase® homes can be spotted globally, with around 68 million microinverters shipped and 3.5 million systems spread across over 145 countries. At its core, Enphase® is about harnessing solar energy to replace fossil fuels, envisioning a carbon-free future powered by people.

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