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EX-1500 Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

Extreme Model Number EX-1500
Capacity 150 AHr
Length 14 in.
Width 7 in.
Height 11 in.
Weight 98 lbs.

Extreme Solar EX-1500 AGM Sealed Battery

SKU EX-1500

Extreme EX-1500 Sealed Deep-Cycle Battery

The EX-1500 is an AGM battery that combines deep-cycling ability with spill-proof construction.

Rugged and reliable, the 12 volt EX-1500 battery is very resistant to cold temperatures. With a porous envelope to hold the electrolyte against the cell plates, gases can't escape, making this absorbed glass mat battery suited for warmer environments as well.

Extreme EX-1500 Deep Cycle AGM Battery Benefits

  • High efficiency & charge acceptance - Ideal for off-grid solar systems
  • Resistant to abuse and complete discharges
  • Can deliver 600+ cycles @ 50%
  • Non-spillable and non-hazardous goods for easy transportation

The "Extreme" series AGM batteries
have been discontinued. Please view:
Deka AGM Batteries

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Extreme EX-1500 Deep-Cycle Battery Review

The EX-1500 is a large deep cycle AGM battery that is built to last.

The EX-1500 AGM battery features "absorbed glass mat" (AGM) technology. AGM has the advantages over sealed gel batteries in that they will not leak if broken. A unique advantage of AGM batteries is they do not have problems with the electrolyte seperating from the plates when they are subjected to abuse.

The EX-1500 battery is ideal for remote outdoor solar systems, microgrids with battery backup, as well as providing consistent quality power for UPS and other outdoor applications.

Contact us toll-free (877) 297-0014 for expert advice for the Extreme EX-1500 sealed AGM battery.