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Model Number IG-5100
AC Nominal Power (W) 6300.0
Peak Efficiency 0.952
CEC Weighted Efficiency 0.950
Weight (lbs) 42.0
Height (in) 28.4
Width (in) 16.5
Depth (in) 8.8

Fronius IG-5100 Inverter

SKU IG-5100
  • Light Weight - At 42 lbs, the FRONIUS IG inverters are the lightest grid-connected inverters making them both easy and cost-effective to install.
  • More Energy - MIX Concept allows your system to output more energy underĀ  part-load conditions.
  • Lower Cost - Integrated UL approved DC & AC disconnects which reduce installation time and complexity - often eliminating the need for additional disconnects.
  • LCD Display- User-friendly and comes standard with every FRONIUS IG; tracks more than 20 critical system performance parameters.

Reliable Fronius has been in business for over 60 years and has more than 125,000 FRONIUS IG inverters installed worldwide.
Warranty Standard 7-Year Warranty (10-Year Extended Warranty available).