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Fronius Model Number IG Plus 3.8-1 UNI
AC Peak Output 3,800 Watts
Peak Efficiency 96.2%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 95%-95.5%
Inverter Weight 31 lbs.
Height 24.8 in.
Width 17.1 in.
Depth 9.6 in.

Fronius IG Plus 3.8 Inverter

SKU IG Plus 3.8

Fronius IG Plus 3.8 Inverter

Improved Efficiency & Reliability

IG Plus 3.0-1 UNIThe Fronius IG Plus 3.8-1 UNI inverter features modern enhancements, including maximum power harvest, a built-in six circuit string combiner, integrated, lockable DC Disconnect, significantly improved efficiency, and unbeatable reliability.

Designed for indoor and outdoor installations

The Fronius IG Plus 3.8 has a robust, well designed aluminum housing. UV resistance and corrosion protection enable them to be used either indoors or outdoors. Fronius is proud to be one of the only inverters tested and approved to operate at 122° F.

Built-in AC and DC disconnects

Each Fronius IG comes with built-in AC and DC disconnects and in many cases eliminate the need for external breakers. This reduces installation time and total system costs. With its lightweight and compact design, this inverter series can be easily lifted on or off of the bracket. Standard knockouts and terminal strips save time and expense when making electrical connections.

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Fronius' Power Plug System

The connection area and power stages are installed separately from each other. Very easy and extremely safe: The connection area is attached to the wall as normal. Then the power module is simply plugged in. The power plug connects both parts into one secure unit. If service is required, the connector remains on the wall maintaining all settings and configurations.

Field Programmable AC output voltage

The Fronius IG Plus 3.8 inverter can be changed to 208, 240 or 277 volts AC. This eliminates the need to install different inverter models to accommodate a 3-phase grid-tie system.

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Fronius IG Plus 3.8 Inverter Review

A small transformer with high output and efficiency

inverter transformerThe power stage is based on the use of high frequency (HF) technology. The HF transformer is extremely compact, yet capable of transforming considerable power. The innovative phase shift process used in the Fronius IG series also minimizes switching losses thereby ensuring a high degree of both efficiency and flexibility in terms of the unit's capacity.

The unique Phase-Shift process minimizes switching losses and is able to generate ultra-high conversion efficiencies of up to 96.2%.

Regulated forced ventilation

The Fronius IG Plus 3.8 inverter is equipped with a top-of-the-range cooling fan making it possible to use an extremely small heat sink which is mounted directly on the board.

Fronius' 20 years of experience with forced ventilation brings a number of advantages.

Simple maintenance, reduced levels of so-called grey energy and a notable reduction in weight mean savings both for the environment and your wallet. The cooling fan is only switched on when needed thereby not using any energy while the temperature of the power stage semiconductors is low. This configuration also extends the life of the cooling fan significantly.

Grounding selectable on site

Decide on site what type of grounding is required as the Fronius IG Plus 3.8 is field programmable for either positive or negative module grounding.

Fronius IG Module-ManagerOutput vs. voltage, the Fronius IG Module-Manager

Whatever solar panel array you decide on, whether monocrystalline, multicrystalline or thin-film, the Fronius IG inverter always fits perfectly in the system-concept. The "Module-Manager" is software integrated into each Fronius IG inverter that optimizes the earnings of your system in each and every situation. The Module-Manager does a first class job and leads to optimal results.

The higher current produced by many high-output solar cells are no problem for a Fronius IG inverter. This is because of the wide input voltage range of Fronius inverters - from 150 to 450V. Because of this wide input voltage range you can choose from virtually any solar panel array on the market. This feature also ensures the optimal use of the roof space without limiting architectural options.

Fronius IG graphic displayThe Fronius IG graphic display

The built-in display on a Fronius IG is your personal communication with your entire solar grid-tie system. System information can be read directly on the inverter. The most relevant parameters can be read impub/mediately so that you always know what is going on. The simple display navigation makes getting this information very easy!

Mounting & Connection

The Fronius IG Plus 3.8-1 UNI inverter has several features that make installation extremely simple and convenient.

Mounting Frame - practical and simple

Not only does the the light weight of your Fronius IG make the installation easy and convenient, every inverter comes with an additional mounting frame. After installing this frame on the wall you can easily hang up your inverter.

As soon as a Fronius IG inverter has been installed, it is impub/mediately ready to do its job. All relevant safety settings have been pre-programmed. Just switch on your Fronius IG inverter and watch it work.

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