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Fronius Symo Inverter ReviewFronius Symo 22.7-3 Inverter for 480V

Commercial Solar Grid-Tie Inverter
Rated up to 22,727 watt AC output
Input Power (DC)
Fronius Model Number Symo 22.7-3 480
Max. AC Output Power 22,727 W @ 480V
PV Input Power 18.0 - 29.5 kWp
Operating Voltage Range 200V-1000V
Max. Input Current per MPPT 33.0A / 25.0A
Inverter Efficiency 98.0%
Output Voltage 480VAC

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Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 Inverter

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Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 Inverter

Commercial solar PV projects that last. The Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 inverter.

Symo Smart Grid ReadyThe Fronius Symo 22.7-3 is a transformerless 22.7 kW inverter for 480VAC. It is the ideal compact 3-phase solar inverter for commercial solar PV applications of all sizes. The Fronius Symo 22.7-3 inverter features fully integrated, Fronius SuperFlex Design with dual MPPT, and a streamlined installation process.

SnapINverter hinge mounting system

A lightweight inverter and an easy commissioning app make installation possible in under 15 minutes.

Industry-leading features

Wi-Fi and SunSpec Modbus interfaces for seamless monitoring and datalogging, field proven Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI), NEC 2014 compliance, and Fronius’ superb online and mobile monitoring platforms.

Also field serviceable, The Fronius Symo is the most communicative, efficient, sustainable and streamlined three-phase string inverter available on the market. The Fronius Symo: powering commercial projects that last.

Datamanager Card Capable

One Fronius Datamanager 2.0 Card can be integrated into at least 1 unit per 100 inverters with the built-in Wi-Fi and SunSpec Modbus.

Included Symo 22.7-3 Inverter Features

  • AFCI & 2014 NEC Compliant
  • DC Disconnect
  • DC Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Ground fault protection with isolation monitor interrupter
  • Datalogging and inverter update via USB
  • 2x RS422 (RJ45 socket) for Fronius Solar Net, interface protocol

Symo Certifications

UL 1741-2015, UL1998 (for functions: AFCI, RCMU and isolation monitoring), IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1-2003, ANSI/IEEE C62.41, FCC Part 15 A & B, NEC Article 690-2014, C22. 2 No. 107.1-01 (September 2001) , UL1699B Issue 2 -2013, CSA TIL M-07 Issue 1 -2013

Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 Inverter Review

The Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 grid-tie inverter has many features that are already fully integrated. They include the Fronius SuperFlex Design with dual MPPT and the simplified SnapINverter installation process. The SnapINverter hinge mounting system and its light weight create a streamlined installation that can be done under 15 minutes.

Features that are available or already integrated with the Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 include Wi-Fi and SunSpec Modbus interfaces for seamless monitoring and datalogging, field proven Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI), and Fronius’ free online and mobile monitoring platform, Fronius Solar.web.

ACFI Protection Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI)

NFPAThe Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 inverter is compliant with NEC 2014 AFCI requirements. Arc fault circuit interrupters, or AFCIs, are devices that provide a higher level of protection by detecting hazardous arcing conditions and shutting down the electricity before a fire can start. To comply with the new National Electrical Code® (NEC) requirements, the Fronius Symo inverter line has proprietary built-in arc fault circuit interruption (AFCI) to detect and extinguish an arc fault, and can notify the system operator that the incident occurred.

SnapINverter Mount SnapINverter Hinge Mounting System

The special feature in the design of the Symo inverter is that the connection compartment is separate from the power stage set compartment. They are installed separately. The connection area and all its cabling is fitted to the wall first. The power stage set compartment is fitted afterwards. The innovative SnapINverter mounting system makes installation and servicing extremely user-friendly. The inverter is simply placed in the wall bracket and then secured. It is not necessary to remove the entire inverter for servicing, just the power stage set compartment. All the cabling, settings and configurations remain in place.

field board replacement Field Serviceable

The foundation of the unique PC board replacement is laid as we develop our inverters, as PC boards can only be replaced if the device has been designed accordingly. This enables our Fronius Service Partners to provide the fastest inverter servicing on the market.

Wi-Fi Integrated WiFi interface

Simple, user-friendly system monitoring is very important to Fronius. Fronius Datamanager 2.0 is used with the Wi-Fi interface in the inverter itself. The inverter is connected to the internet without additional cabling and grants you the perfect overview of how the PV system is operating.

Smart Grid Ready Smart Grid Ready

The Fronius Symo 22.7-3 480 inverter is ready for the Smart Grid. It is optimally equipped to meet the technical requirements of modern utility grids. A series of smart functions, known as Advanced Grid Features, are built in. Control functions include optimum feed-in of reactive power and effective power. These functions are designed to enable stable grid operation even when the PV system density is very high and to prevent unwanted interruptions to feed-in and associated yield losses. Fronius inverters therefore help to guarantee the yield of any home solar system.

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