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Cell Type SO-6-85-33/12
Volts 12
Capacity (Ahr) 20- hr rate 1690


Width (in.) 13.5
Height(in.) 25
Weight (lbs.) 1336

HuP Solar-One Battery SO-6-85-33/12

SKU SO-6-85-33/12

No Longer Available


General HUP Battery

General Battery Solar-One SO-6-85-33/12 Battery w/ HuP Technology

The SO-6-85-33/12 HuP battery is designed with 0.310" thick positive plates and a patented technology that allows them to be warranted for 2100 cycles to 80% depth of discharge. General Battery supports their Solar=_One batteries with a 10-year warranty, 7 year free replacement and 3 years prorated.

The Solar-One SO-6-85-33/12 flooded lead-acid HuP battery is composed of six 2-volt cells and comes with stainless steel hardware, lead-plated copper buss bars, a cell lifting strap and an operator/installation manual.

HUP® (High Utilization Positive) batteries feature a revolutionary design that's backed by the longest, standard warranty in the business. The HUP Solar-One industrial battery ensures you receive more available power per cycle, a higher overall capacity for sustained performance during each cycle and less downtime for repairs.

The SO-6-85-33/12 features HUP technology which allows the battery plates to significantly reduce flaking and shedding of positive plate materials. The design of the HUP battery's positive plate grid allows for the maximum amount of lead paste to be locked into place during a controlled curing process. This allows the lead paste to remain cohesive, in contact with the positive grid far longer than in standard batteries.

HUP SO-6-85-33/12 Battery by General Battery Review

The Solar-One SO-6-85-33/12 HuP battery by General Battery is sought after for all kinds of battery powered applications including:

• Remote off-grid PV systems
• Residential grid-tie backup systems
• Radio and telecom repeaters
• Portable DC power
• Commercial UPS systems
• Microgrids

Solar-One Battery


Hup SO-6-85-33/12 Review

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